Sunday, December 28, 2014

Island of misfit toys

Another year has come to an end, and, as usual, I'm here doing the evaluation of this year. This has been the first year I've been working all the time and with the highest salary I've ever had. Nevertheless it hasn't been the best one (2008 was way better than any other year). So let me tell you what happened this year:

  • For the first time in my life I was alone on new year's eve. And, as weird as it can sound, I didn't fell bad at all. I enjoyed the last day of 2013 watching a movie and taking a glass of Chilean wine. As usual I talked to my few and beloved friends at midnight. Also I started the year with a secure job, with all my expectations on it and the hope of a great learning experience.
  • In 2013, after our failed startup, I decided to do a career change in my life. I did a Diploma in Business Intelligence in 2009 and I really liked the idea of become a Data Scientist, as it is the sexiest job of the 21st century. So after I finished my Master Thesis in July 2013 I started looking for a job in this field. At the end of October 2013 I started working. I've been learning a lot since then in this field. I've had the opportunity to work with one of the biggest databases of my country and to give my best every day of this year at work. And, as usual, I began to get bored. I guess it started after receiving my MSc degree. Since then I've been doing operational work, most of the time. I've been promoted in my Job (I was supposed to be a technical leader) but it was only a salary rise. I belong to the knowledge society and I don't get truly motivated by money. I wanted to have more leadership tasks, but now I'm more on the operational side than ever. Maybe this is not bad at all, sometimes you need to go down in order to rise up higher. 
  • I've been investing almost all of my nights studying german. I started at the end of 2013 as a side project and now it has become an important part of my future. 
  • At last I got my Master's Degree. I started my postgraduate studies in 2010 and was supposed to finish them in 2011. But life happened, I procrastinated a lot at the beginning, I got a Job and I moved to Chile. I didn't stay in Chile because I wanted to finish my Thesis and, eventually, receive my degree. I came back in March 2013 and finished my Thesis in July 2013. Due the bureaucracy of my university the dissertation of my Thesis was in April 2014. The ceremony was in September, ending a 4 years work. 
  • I didn't want this year to go without knowing a new place in this planet. The last time I went out of the country was in May 2013 when I went to Cuba. This time I traveled to Panama and had a great time there. Traveling for me is a way to reload my batteries and to find myself. I came back with renewed energy and with new perceptions of the world (remember what Marcel Proust said: The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes). 
  • Finally, Love didn't knock my door this year. Lately I've found that I'm a wallflower, an introvert person who is kind of lonely but smart and interesting. Maybe this particularity has always play against me. This year I met a nice girl, at the beginning we were OK and one day, I still don't know why, she just changed. Now I guess that it was a good thing, I realized her flaws and that, at some point, I would have been really disappointed. It still hurts me a bit but I guess time will do the trick. Also this year I lost one of the best persons I've ever met. I was deeply in love with her some years ago, but the person she is now is completely different. Now she has a lot of the things I don't like of a society. After several disappointments I decided to stop talking to her. I know she is doing OK and I'm really glad of it.

So far this is what happened to me in 2014. Last week I've started to think about my New Year's resolutions and found that I am a misfit toy, which is basically a person that doesn't fit in the squared world we live today. As I said sometimes you need to go down in order to rise up higher. This year I've been so lonely that I've realized that I need a change in my life. That's why in 2015 I will move to Germany. I'm having the same feelings I had back in 2007 when I took the decision to move out. Loneliness and the opportunity to grow and be better in any aspect of my life were the main motivators at that moment, and I guess are the same right now. 

I hope 2015 will be a year to think different, a year to be crazy enough to think that I can change my world.

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