Sunday, August 11, 2013


I’ve survived like 5 apocalypse days, some sickness during my first years and even a meconium aspiration syndrome that I had when I was born, and today I’ve survived another dead near experience: the 27th year of my life. There is something called the 27 club whose members are sadly remembered for dying at the age of 27. Also I can cite the death of the Colombian writer Andrés Caicedo who committed suicide at the age of 25 because he believed that living more that 25 years was madness.

Today I’m 28 so it is fair to say that I survived this 27 “curse”, just kidding :P. Anyway, this year I survived in five different countries (Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Cuba) and here I am ready to start again. Some people say that 28 is the start of a new moment in life and the consolidation of the self. For me the proposal for this year is to move forward in my career (as I told you in the last post I will move to the data science side), live in another place (maybe here in my city or in another country) and stop being alone. I’ve 365 opportunities to do it, so let’s start tomorrow ;).

Ps. I will share with you this song, it has been in my mind all the week.


No te va gustar–Solo

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