Tuesday, July 16, 2013

New beginnings

For the n-th time I will remember a famous quote that has defined a lot of things in my life: “Change is the only thing that is permanent in life”, and I’m about to change again. This time I will change my career focus. In order for you to understand this change I will tell you what has been my career path.

When I was finishing my university studies my choice was pretty simple, work as software engineer in a big company, get married, buy a house/car/pet, get retirement and die happily ever after. Then I lived in Dominican Republic and it changed everything. Since then I’ve worked in several roles: software engineer, volunteer, researcher, university teacher, business intelligence and entrepreneur. I’ve been in six different roles and each one of them has taught me something that has led me to the person I’m now. Few months ago I thought that this was a bad thing to have in your CV, but now after understanding the Antifragile concept I realized that it is not as bad as I thought. In the book the author says:

“Do not invest in business plans but in people, so look for someone capable of changing six or seven times over his career, or more (an idea that is part of the modus operandi of the venture capitalist Marc Andreessen); one gets immunity from the backfit narratives of the business plan by investing in people. It is simply more robust to do so”

The reason for my constant change is that I’m always looking for challenges and learning opportunities. I don’t fit in the system. It is designed for people who just want to stick around, make enough money to live and spend it in banal things (like partying), and to be able to pay to the bank for the things they want. That’s life for most of the people. My main motivator to work is not the money or the guarantee that I’ll have a normal life, no, it is the learning and purpose that you can have. Learning in the way to gather new knowledge/ideas, connect them with the ones you had before and understand how the world works in order to be able to propose real changes to our reality. Purpose understood as working for something bigger than oneself.

Based on this I will change again my career, I will retake the business intelligence side but adding a bit of the data science side. I believe that data science is a key for us to improve our society. Developing countries, like mine, have a great opportunity in data science to explode their wealth and reduce their inequity gap. Several systems can benefit from this analysis, like education, health, politics, among others, and I want to be part of this. I’m aware that I’ve to start from below, working with big companies in order to learn and be able to use that knowledge to change our reality as Latin-Americans.

The road is ahead and the desire is there, just need to find the right position in the right company, here or abroad. The next weeks seem challenging and though as I’ve never looked for a job, but hey! there is always a first time for everything :P.

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