Saturday, February 9, 2013

About vacations

DSC03959The general definition of vacations is that time when you don’t have to work so you can go and meet new places, go out with friends, fix things at home, smile and sleep well; basically you live your life as it was supposed to be. If this is true, what do you do when you are not on vacations? Usual answer will be work. But for me it is different, I’ve never had vacations in my life. I’ve had more than 10 different jobs in the last 8 years and never asked for vacations (because being always a contractor doesn’t give you the opportunity for), and I feel like I don’t need them. I’ve several seals in my passport, stories to tell and experiences to share.

Regular jobs and regular vacations are one of the mayor constraints of life. Vacations are where you want to be and the only way to it is working hard for one year, doesn’t matter if you like it or not. Confucius said  “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life”, meaning that a job will be a heavy weight in your life and you better enjoy it, if no you will suffer (except for the 2-3 weeks you have of vacations). And guess what, people who enjoy their jobs don’t take vacations. Of course they meet new places, new people, take pictures of amazing landscapes, sleep and smile. They don’t call it vacations, they call it life.

So my proposal for you, my dear reader, is to analyze the way you see vacations, and also weekends. If they are your time off, your escape time, that time you are waiting to come forever, or the time to enjoy life and reconnect with your friends and relatives, you must reconsider the time you spend at the office. Ask yourself if your life is worth the salary they pay you. If the time you don’t spend with friends, family, at museums, at theatre, at movies, in another city, learning a new language or a new skill is worth the salary they pay you. If so please go on. If no you can ask for more money or start living your life. And remember at the end you are nothing more than an asset to the company and they can replace you with other, but the time gone never comes back.

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