Sunday, January 20, 2013

Travel light

The last month has been quite challenging and fun. I went to Buenos Aires for a week and it was very nice. One less thing in my bucket list  :). I really enjoyed it because I only carried with me the necessary things, something I learnt by living alone in the Caribbean. When I went there I carried with me a lot of stuff (even some clothes for cold :P) and I used like 70% of them. So I decided to travel only with the necessary things, anything else can be bought on the road.

The same line of thought can be used in life. We have like a visa (oh visas!) for this planet and sooner or later it will expire and we will be kicked out of it. We are only travellers in this world. If we carry a lot of things in life we will move slow and when change will be required it will be quite difficult to move everything. The less things you carry the easier to move. I’ve moved two times in my life to different cities in different countries and so far I’ve learnt to live with the necessary.

Making decisions with a heavy bag will make you think twice and great opportunities could be lost. Most of the things we carry are useless or we could live with out them. We are attached to them. The more attachments we have the unhappier we are. People are so used to their lives that for a small trip they carry soap, shampoo, all types of cables, and even hair cream! when they can buy those in any store in the world. They do it because change for them is hard and it is easier to carry their heavy lives than change them for a short period of time.

My proposal is simple, next time you will be packing for a travel ask yourself how are you going to use each thing inside the bag, if you can replace it with something already packed or if you can simply buy it or borrow it at your destination don’t pack it. After you learn this do the same with your life, ask for each thing at home, work or your personal spaces (your laptop, email, etc.) and if you don’t need it just take it out. The last thing you can do is to inspect the non-physical things, like relationships, memories, feelings, among others, and decide which ones add value to your life and which ones are just a heavy weight for your soul. This type of attachment is the hardest and heaviest one and is the most difficult to lose. I’ve done this exercise but it took me years and kilometres away to lost the attachment, in my case to some people, memories and feelings.

Remember travel light, detach the things that make your life heavy and you would be able to reach further destinations :). 

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