Wednesday, January 9, 2013

About success

Success is one of the most difficult things to define. As each one has their own set of ideas, beliefs and behaviours it is quite difficult to create a definition that suits everyone. I still don’t have one for myself.

Some time ago I realized that success is not about the money or things you get, what is the western more likely definition of success. Neither being smart or learn new things everyday can be regarded as success, because the more you know the more you understand and the more you get disappointed (at some point you begin to understand how things work in this world full of hate and selfishness).  Friends? someone could say that having an active social life, thousands of people on Facebook and everyone thinking that you are awesome could be a great approach to success. Nowadays we live with the “Culture of personality” where social, public speaking, smiles and the clothes you wear are the most important things. If people loves you and they want to follow you then you are successful. This simply doesn’t fit me. I’m in the other side, in the “Culture of character” where your values are the more important than how you project yourself to people. Compassion, honesty, altruism, selflessness, among others, are the values that are emphasized in the culture of character. These values differ completely from the personality ones and are more related to what you are as a human being. And maybe there is were success lies, on developing yourself as human being.

As I pointed at the beginning of this post define success so it can suits everyone is quite difficult, I will define it in the other way around, success is being what you are. A typical Colombian song says: “My son if you want to be a shoemaker I just want you to be the best”. Success is do the best we can with the things we have. Success does not lay in the comparison with others (human beings are born and trained to compare with others), it is about develop ourselves and in the process help the development of others. From the Buddhist point of view happiness is achieved through the development of values like selflessness, compassion, humility, among others, and helping in the happiness development of others. In the words of Mathieu Ricard happiness “means transforming oneself to better transform the world”. And for me achieving happiness is achieving success.

Why I’m writing about success? The last weeks have been quite tough and we have achieved nothing. So it is required to settle things down and the best way is to define where do we want to be. Hope this thoughts could help me to see the road towards success.

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