Sunday, December 30, 2012


One day to finish this bizarre year, and as usual I’m here to write about it. This year was quite moved for me, in fact I’m writing this post 4000 Km far from home. A lot of things changed, a lot of new things I learnt and some new places I met (as new seals in my passport). Historically speaking this year was different from several of which I have conscience, almost comparable to 2008. So there is the list of the milestones of this year, some of them good, others average and few of them not as expected.

  • The year started with a new job. I left my position as teacher assistant and began to work as a BI developer in the Research Vice rectory at my University. I always wanted to work in that field and thanks to some contacts I got the position. For nine months I worked there and I have to say that I learnt a lot of things and that I really enjoyed it.
  • Master Thesis topic (at last). Truth be told I spend four semesters trying to find a topic I like for my thesis. It started as a health systems problem, then I started researching in E-Government transparency and later I worked on technology transfer between University and companies. This final topic led me to the one I’m on now: “Software Process Improvement as an enabler of organizational self-production”. The idea is to understand organizations (like software companies) as living organisms so we could provide an organic approach to their management. I sincerely love this idea because I believe that most of the world problems happen because we have defined the systems (like health or education) as industrial ones. We must begin to see these systems as human systems, and as we humans are organic systems it is just a logic conclusion that human organizations are organic systems. This idea has not only helped me to write my thesis but also to understand a lot of the world we live in.
  • Start-up stories. I don’t want to live an average life. I realized that when I was living in Dominican Republic some years ago. That’s why I have not had a “normal” job in my life or why I don’t have a lot of friends, even people reading this post. Also it explains my addiction to learn and keep improving myself (or my own self-production). In this order of ideas I decided in 2011 to join the madness of being an entrepreneur.  Together with Alex we have been building Win the Planet for more than a year. I built the first version of it (pretty fast an crappy I’ve to admit) but we needed money to keep working on it. So we applied to almost 20 incubators around the world and we got accepted in the last one we applied. That one is Start-up Chile, they will give us 40k USD and a visa to go to Chile and boost our business. We moved to Chile the 25th of July and here we are. We have been working on it for the last semester, we lunched it on October and we have had all the ups and downs (now more downs than ups) of all the people in the Start-up world. That is the main reason why I’m writing this from Santiago, drinking wine and enjoying Opera.
  • Finding peace. In 2011 I started to feel that some things were missing in my life. I basically had everything to feel complete in the western world (a car, a job I like, being a Master’s student, some money to spend and friends to talk with) but I wasn’t happy at all. Then I decide to train myself in the difficult art of meditation. It has not been an easy task to do. But this year, being here in Santiago, Alex introduced me to the Buddhism knowledge. Now I’m reading a couple of books about it, one to learn how to be happy and the other about life questions. These books have been a revelation to me, and I’m trying to put them on practice in my life. Also the fact that I’ve found several points related to my systematic (organic) view of the world has helped me to apprehend it.
  • Other points. Family is OK in Colombia, a lot of people I know went outside the country, governments keep lying and stealing from people, I’m working out more than ever (hope that in 2013 I can see the results), health has not been an issue, I was accepted in an Erasmus Master program but I didn’t have the money, got an American visa, my team (Millonarios) won the championship after 24 years, have not met new people, went to Argentina and full field on of my dreams, and still single

These are the main things that happened to me in this year. The world as we knew was supposed to end one week ago but..., so that means we must keep living and trying to be better each year :). All the things I’ve just written happened because I did them my way, I did not allow any one to choose what I should do with my life, also I didn’t allow the system to grab me and just select the life I have to live. I’ve been running from the normal life, so I’m not going to give up now :). So the best song to end this year is “My way” beautifully interpreted by Frank Sinatra, but as this year I’ve fallen in love with the Tenors I will share with you that song interpreted by the Three Tenors.

I did it my way!

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