Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Last week I turned 27, a nice number. This is my second birthday abroad, that means I’ve celebrated 7.4% of them outside my loving country. This may not sound a lot but it is a story I can tell some day :P.

So far this year was more like a normal one. I, at last!, defined my thesis project, and I can just say that I love it. It is about how we can understand software companies as living organizations so all the changes and improvements can be managed in that way. A bit complex but I’ve found a lot of applications of it not only in the software world but in our daily life.

I’ve not started any relationship so in this part of my life I’m a bit alone… let’s hope that it wont last so much. Also I started to work in BI (Business Intelligence) something I wanted to do since 2009. I liked a lot, it is an interesting field and I see a great future in it. The project was very interesting and it had a real impact on how research in my country is evaluated and improved. For the first time I worked in a project that helped in one way or another my country :).

But I had to quit it. Why quit such an interesting job? easy answer, because I don’t want to spend my life working and have nothing at the end of my life. I prefer to work a lot these years that I’ve the youth and the force to do it, so after some years I can have the money to spend the rest of my life doing things I love with the people I love. This is one of the reasons that lead me in June to join Win the Planet, a company that will revolutionize the way we play games and help the world. And now we are working on it more than ever, making it true here in Santiago de Chile.

This has been my year so far. Let’s make this one that is starting the best of my life. :). The picture below is today’s sunset here, just beautiful :).


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