Monday, July 30, 2012

Moving Forward

I'm writing these lines from Santiago in Chile. Less than one week ago I was in Bogotá preparing my journey (and myself) to this new cycle in my life. I'm here building what can be called "My company" with my friend Alex. Why Santiago? well... because Chilean Government is giving us 40k USD to help us build the company. After a week of ups and downs (that's why they call it the Start Up Roller Coaster) we are finally in what will be for the next 7 months our home and the headquarters of Win the Planet.

This is not just a trip or an internship (as I did in 2008), this is more than that. This is the formation of an idea, the construction of a business and why not the definition of what I will do for the next years. That's why I've called this post "Moving Forward". Each one of us is most of the time in the "comfort zone", a place where you will always be safe, calm but unhappy. Most of the population always lives in this place and then, without noticing it, they just get retired and realize that their life where worthless.

Only the crazy ones (remember that Apple video) get out of it and move forward. It is really hard out there, you will think almost every day to come back to your comfort zone, and you will be disappointed and sad sometimes. But despite all this you will find redemption, happiness, joy, humanity, extraordinary places and people, knowledge, time, freedom, and in the process you will find yourself. And finding yourself will pay all the hard work, trust me!

In the next posts I will tell you about the project, the team, the city, the country, experiences, people, ideas, broken beliefs and paradigms, and other things that will happen during this 7 month journey here in Chile :) .

Santiago Center

Center of Santiago from my window, an ideal place to think and visualize :)

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