Monday, November 28, 2011

34th percentile

Today I presented the GMAT and the result was not as I expected. I needed 600 as minimum but I got 500. That is maybe not the worst of all. The worst was the position among all participants around the world.

To understand it we need to understand means, standard deviations, grouping and box diagrams. But I will explain it simple. The way positions are defined is the with the use of percentiles. A percentile is 1% of all the persons who presented the exam and the first percentile correspond to the lower qualification and the last one to the highest. Between the 25th and 75th percentile is the most of the population.

As an student I have been always on the 90th percentile, and most of the times even above the 95th. As an example when I receive my engineering degree I was at the 100th percentile, that is called outlier data, because is way beyond the average. Today I am at percentile 34th. I know it is just an exam but it is a hard punch from reality. I don't want to excuse myself or find excuses for it. It was my fault and my lack of preparation that least I this. But there are some lessons that need to be listed.

The first lesson is never overestimate your abilities. I thought I knew enough. Second: you are not the best or the worst, so never give up. Third: be less impulsive. When I did the exam's registration I did not think about it, just put the credit cards number and accepted the transaction. I need to think more before acting. And the last one: trying to work on all opportunities you have could lead lose all of them. Now I'm working on 4-5 opportunities I have and the exam was one requirement to one of them. The time I invested studying for it was not enough and it could have been used to work in other things. So instead of working on everything it should be better to work only in few things and make them successful. Fortunately now two things will end soon so I can work better in others.

This must be a lesson I learn instead of an crying moment. Sometimes it is ok to feel this things, so you can wake up next morning with a goal: be better.

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