Monday, September 19, 2011

Always forgetting the fourth dimension

I am a big fan of physics and I love all the movies that have some relations with that. One of them is Back to the future. In this films the Doc is always telling Martin about to do not forget the fourth dimension. We live in a four dimensions world, three spatial dimensions and one for the time. Martin always thought about the three spatial dimensions and always forgotten the time dimension. I am suffering of the same problem.

Sometimes you arrive later or earlier to the encounter with people. In order to find people that would change your life you have to find them in the right moment and in the right place. For me it has always happened that I find the people in the right place but in different times. Specially when it is about women. I’ve to admit that I’ve found amazing, incredible and valuable women next to me but our times were different, we didn’t wanted the same things or they were more or less mature than me. Being in the right place at the wrong moment is what I call bad luck, lets hope that in the near future this will change.

OST of a movie about being mistimed with the right woman.

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