Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Achievement List

When you are feeling that things are not going the way you expected, when you think that probably you have achieved nothing and when there is the idea that what you do is worthless you need to write down all the achievements you have reached in life. That is what I will do next, in order to feel better with myself :).

  • I survived a childhood characterized by illnesses.
  • I learnt to read and write before I was 4.
  • I obtained several medals when I was in primary school.
  • I’ve always been good at maths.
  • I obtained a high score in national exam (ICFES).
  • I received several recognitions at high school.
  • I was admitted to the best University in my country being among the best 25 applicants (among almost 3500).
  • 6 out of 10 semesters I received a scholarship at my University.
  • I received my bachelor degree with honours.
  • I worked for one year outside my country.
  • In this moment I have more than 5 years of experience in my field.
  • I’ve met wonderful people that I’ve the honour to call my friends.
  • I received a full scholarship to study a Master in my University.
  • After that I received another scholarship, this one to be a teacher and give lectures at my university.
  • I have always had a work or something to do.
  • I am an engineer, a real one.
  • I am IELTS Brand 7

These are some of the achievements I have in my life. Looking backwards I have done a lot of things that probably most of the population have not done, but still I want to do more things in my life. Ideas are running through my mind and hope that next days will be better than now.

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