Friday, July 22, 2011

What if I had not been an engineer?

As human beings we are always wondering what if… whatever, what if we had took that other path or talked to the other woman? I always ask this to myself. Maybe because I’m a frustrated story teller or writer I like to think about different futures and now I’m asking myself what if I had not been an engineer.

I like to find patterns and solve mysteries. Since I was a child I loved to watch programs which main idea was to resolve enigmas. That was just a hobby, to try to resolve puzzles. The years came by and I decided to study engineering. But now, mostly when I’m trying to find myself inside engineering :P, sometimes I think about myself being a detective, solving mysteries. Finding patterns in order to get useful information and save people’s life. Maybe in other life…

Or probably I would have been a Psychologist, I love to hear people talking about themselves, about their lives and problems. I gave them advice and hope that tomorrow will be another day to start again. Maybe I would have been a good Psychologist.

But today I was watching “El secreto de sus ojos”, an Argentinian awarded movie, where the main character, a former detective, writes a novel based on his life and tries to change the end. He lost his beloved woman and 25 years after wants to change his life trying to write a novel of it with a different end. One day someone says to him: if you keep thinking about the past “You are going to have 1000 past and no future”. I’ve to start saying the same thing to myself.

Lately I was wondering about all the past that I would have, but no thought about my future crossed my mind. Now I’ve to think more about my future. And revive my passions, now I’m working on that. I’ve bought a new guitar, an electroacoustic one and I’m learning again how to play it :). And with this I’m realizing that the only way to find your future is to follow your passions. An talking about passions let me finish with the best description of a passion:


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