Tuesday, July 19, 2011

About movie finals

An excellent story has to have three parts: an introduction that gets you inside the idea, a development that takes you deeper and deeper inside the argument and a final that reveals everything and makes you take a position about the argument. Each one of this steps might be impressive in order to achieve perfection. And for me the last step should be amazing, not obvious and might leave you something.

Today I watched the last chapter of Harry Potter and the final was as expected, obvious. The good guy kills the bad guy and everybody lived happily ever after. It was like the end of the Lord of the Rings. I’ve to admit that I enjoyed some of the Harry Potter movies and the last year movie was quite impressive and left me sensation of wanting more. Afterwards I realized that probably the end will be predictable and that I had to lower my expectations. Indeed it was like I thought. But well now it is over and I can tell that I’ve seen the largest series of movies ever.

After I went out of the theatre I began to think about what make a movie perfect, not only great but outstanding. Despite of all the special effects, music, lights and action (and even beautiful women :P)  for me what makes a movie perfect is the position that you take after you watch it. Let me give you an example. Which was your thought after watching Matrix, Terminator 2 or Inception? Was that maybe there can be something out there or in our future that will guide our lives? or which was after Forrest Gump, Schindler's List, Das Leben der Anderen or Wall E? Mine was that everybody is special, smart and has a place in the world (if you save on life you save the world) These movies, just to mention a few, have given something to me, not only pure and banal entertainment. And Harry Potter was that, just entertainment, amazing of course.

For those who might think that Harry Potter was the best movie ever I highly recommend The Shawshank Redemption, it is one of the best movies ever for me (and for all the community in the most important movie web site, IMDB.com). It has all the elements to be great and at the end probably a tear will fall from your head :) Meanwhile I will drink the last shot of Dominican rum and listen to Bossa Nova here in my lovely Bogotá while reading a nice book about education and innovation.

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