Thursday, April 28, 2011

Finding peace in the music

When I began to listen to music I really wanted to play like the guys I used to listen. Then I bought a guitar, an acoustic and cheap one. I practiced hard all nights and was not so bad :P. After some years I bought an electric guitar and literally my fingers bled due I was practicing a lot. And the study, friends and other passions just take place and the old fire colour guitar was forgotten.

Now that I’m living hard times I remember how playing guitar helped me a lot to get through hard times. Before going to sleep I used to play random rhythms just to let imagination fly. That was special, it was like slowing the beat of your heart while your mind was thinking in new ideas and stuff. Now during the nights I’m having the same feeling, the need of play guitar while I’m thinking.

Last week I cleaned my old guitar, now it is ready to receive a new strings set. But that is an electric guitar and now I’m feeling more folk :). So I decided to buy a new guitar, an electroacoustic guitar. Next month I will check the best option and I will tell you which one is going to me my new peace instrument.

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