Sunday, April 24, 2011

The equation of happiness

I believe that you need a finite number of thing to be happy. And, as in the math equations, these things need to be in a perfect equilibrium to achieve happiness. A mathematical equation has three parts, the left side (in this case happiness), the equal sign and the right side (the set of things that are related and that describe the left side). If something is missing in the right side, the result won’t be the desired; and also something can be minimizing the goal.

In this moment this is my case. If I look backwards and sum all the things I’ve achieved and done in my life anyone could say that I’m happy. But no. In this moment there are some items in the equation that are reducing my chances to be happy. And you know when your equation is not balanced, you know which are the things that are not helping in the achieving of your happiness. Now is my Master Thesis the one who is getting me away of my happiness. I’m kind of lost, I don’t see the goal or the north. Things are blur and I’m desperate. I need to see the north to define my path. I feel that  my life is going and nobody will give my time back.

This is the moment when I have to decide if I keep going in the master or just leave it for a while in order to think the things better and choose the right path. Meanwhile there is a song in my head. For me this song means the end of something, when you leave the well known path and take the adventure of discover new ways to live. Hopefully I will find new ways to solve my equation.

The end of an era

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