Friday, March 4, 2011

The grand design

Last month I read The grand design by Stephen Hawking, a quite interesting book about the universe, how it was created and the latest ideas of the physicist that try to find the unification theory. The author concludes that the actual science can define the no existence of God, or at least the God known by everybody.

Truth be told, I’m a believer. I’m catholic who believes in the description of God by Einstein. He said, not in his exact words, that God was all the laws that created the perfect equilibrium in the Universe. The gravity, the electromagnetic fields, the light speed.. everything is God. But I also believe, based on my personal experience, that God is in all the miracles that happen to us everyday. I used to think that I was unlucky, that nobody has given anything to me and everything that I had was the result of my hard work. I was right, but also I realized that I’m lucky, each day I receive a miracle. If you take the time to think about it each day you receive something, something unplanned, something that give you peace. It doesn’t matter if it is a penny that you find in the street, the cancelation of an exam that you didn’t want, an idea that just pop out of your mind… everything that appears just out of the equation of your day is a miracle.

Now I believe that these miracles are product of something (you can call it God, fate, destiny, karma, yin…) that keeps you up, even when you are losing the north. Miracles just show you the path and try to keep you in your element, in the place where you belong. I’m where I’m because sometimes I followed those miracles or just let them go. But in the last months I began to discover where I belong. Life is showing me the vision of IT (information technologies) as a social change engine. And probably that’s what I want to do in my life, use my knowledge and abilities on IT to help society to evolve. My society (Colombian society) claims for a change, a change that does not reside in the hands of the president or the government but in the hands of everybody. I believe that my country has 45 million of opportunities that can be exploited by the use of IT.

“Change is the only thing that is permanent” used to be our lemma, and now it is time to reuse it. Those miracles in the grand design are setting the road we need to walk, step by step. Hope that this year my miracles will give me the strength to keep forward and to achieve what I have to achieve in order to follow that road.

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