Monday, January 3, 2011


Well, it is time for the proposals for this new year. As I told in my last post I want to be pretty careful with these proposals because last year I dreamt high and I didn’t achieve my proposals. That gave me a lesson, dream based on your present and keep your feet on earth, but the sight on the stars. So this year I decided to create my resolutions for this year in a way to feel them reachable and accountable, step by step. I based this proposals in this post of the happiness-project.

  • Write 30 posts: I’ve realized that the best way to learn and practice languages is the writing. You learn new words and can practice what you see in the movies or in the lectures that you perform in that language. Sir Francis Bacon said once “Reading makes a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man”, I want to be all of them. Last year I practice the reading and this year I want to improve my writing. So my proposal is to write 10 posts per language spoken. I hope to write some posts in French, I know that it is difficult but it is the only way to improve my language precision.
  • Work at least 3 hours daily on my thesis: The rules of my University say that I have to spend at least 1000 hours working on my thesis. In a 360 days year that would be at least 3 hours per day. I want to finish my thesis this year and receive my Master’s Degree not after March 2012. To achieve this goal I have to be quite demanding with myself and become a MS Project expert to manage my time :). These days I’m defining the task that need to be done to achieve it, finishing an article in order to send it to a congress and writing the first chapter of my thesis.
  • Work: In 2009 I took the decision of not work again in something I don’t like. I’ve respected this decision and also it has moved me to new “works”. I say “works” because you can not call that a typical job, why? because you don’t hate it, you are not lazy and also you feel good doing it. I’m moving to the entrepreneurship side of the force :P. Leaving the dark side was something that showed me that the world doesn’t need more working engineers, it needs and calls for entrepreneur engineers, who use their knowledge to create wise ideas that can lead the changes that the world needs. In 2010 I worked in some entrepreneur projects having different results and I want to create my own project (I hope to tell you soon) and be the change I want to see in the world :). Also last year I worked as a teacher, and truth be told, I love it. I hope to keep doing this and become a better teacher each day.
  • Don’t watch the same stuff twice: This year I spent a lot of time watching the same movies/series on television, more than one time. If you count the number of movies/series that you repeat and sum all the hours you will realize that you spend so much time watching times that you have watched before. And I want my time to do new things each day. So as a proposal for this year I want to watch only new things, and don’t repeat them. Learn something new each day is more important that learn the same thing each time.
  • 10 books in one year: I love reading, but being honest I don’t have enough time to read a lot while I’m studying at the University, so I decided to reduce the quota of books to read. I’ve them bought already, so it just a matter of lecture :).
  • Visit one other country: Last year I didn’t travel quite much, maybe because my lost of passion. I want to recover my passion for discover new places. So my goal is quite simple, visit one country this year. I’ve some savings so money is not an issue :). The possibilities are Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Perú and USA. Let’s hope a wise choose.
  • Eat salad twice a week: As I told you, last year I gained some weight. And I want to loose it. So I will eat salad twice in a week to be more healthy, also I will try to do some exercise.

So those are my proposals for this year and for track them I will write a post the last day of each month to show the progress, or not, of each one of this goals.

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