Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home is where your heart belongs

A couple of years ago a person who has won a place in my heart said: “home is where your heart belongs”, and yesterday I understand the true meaning of this. Last week Mario Vargas Llosa received the Literature Nobel Price and in his speech he said (I don’t want to translate it because it can loose the meaning, so hope you will understand Sonrisa):

‎"La patria no son las banderas ni los himnos, ni los discursos apodícticos sobre los héroes emblemáticos, sino un puñado de lugares y personas que pueblan nuestros recuerdos y los tiñen de melancolía, la sensación cálida de que, no importa donde estemos, existe un hogar al que podemos volver"

In other words, homeland are the places and people who create our memories and remind us that homeland is the place where we will always can come back. This quote explains the true meaning of the Post’s Title.

Sometimes I miss my home, not here in Colombia, but in Dominican Republic. I know that if I come back now to the island I won’t be at home again. Why? because the definition of home relies on the Einstein’s definition of time-space: one cannot exist without the other. My home two years ago was the island and my friends, as Vargas Llosa said, the places and the people who populate our memories. The best days of my life lie in that 6 months of 2008, those months are the home I miss and that my memories, and sometimes the pictures, recreate in the moments when my soul feels alone.

This picture brings to my mind the island and the people who made my home there, and also reminds me that they are far away, but also that they are just a click away Risa.


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