Friday, December 31, 2010


As the last day of this year it is an habit to write about the 365 days that have passed and make some wishes for the ones that start. This post is about all the 356 days that passed away.

I can remember when we were watching, through the news (Internet was not available for us in that moment), how the world said goodbye to 1999, to the last century of the second millennium. Today the first year of the second decade of the third millennium is over and that’s something, at least for me, that make you think about your achievements and failures during this year. As I remember in my post of wishes for 2010 I hoped this year to be memorable and I set up some goals to achieve during 2010. Now I have to say that had goals bigger than the year itself. For the 6 goals proposed for this year I achieved zero (0).  The reasons of this failure are several:

  • Mainly the lost of passion. When I wrote the resolutions I was deeply passionate about the new year, but as the days passed I lost it, and I didn’t find it again.
  • As the passion was lost, the north was blur. In February I lost the north, specially regarding my thesis topic.
  • Also it helped the fact to be alone, I’ve realized that I need in my life somebody that clear the glasses of my soul and let her be.
  • When the passion goes the procrastination arrives. I could had read more, but without passion I spend a lot of time doing nothing.
  • As Paulo Cohelo said:The first symptom of the process of our killing our dreams is the lack of time. The busiest people I have known in my life always have time enough to do everything. Those who do nothing are always tired and pay no attention to the little amount of work they are required to do. They complain constantly that the day is too short”. This happened to me this year, specially with the journey wish. I didn’t have time to travel, but I had it to be lazy.
  • As a result of the laziness I gain some kilos.

I’m being painfully, brutally honest with me, and you also. Honestly I’m not proud of this year, this was not what I expected one year ago. The reasons of why I lost the passion, become lazy, being more alone than ever are ... ... ... I have no idea. But, hopefully, the last weeks of this year have been quite nice and I begin to feel alive, again! Everything seems to go OK by now, except for my thesis (still my headache). I’ve read some books again, I’ve been working in a project that hopefully will se the light soon and I’ve some ideas to implement next year. Also when I read about my thesis I found that nobody has performed a similar study so it encourages me to keep doing it.

But as nothing can be that bad also I had some nice moments and facts this year:

  • I had the opportunity to teach. I always wanted to do and I felt amazing giving my lectures. I hope to keep doing it the rest of my life.
  • I bought an iPod touch, something that I always wanted.
  • I’ve learn new things regarding my career.
  • I went to some unknown places of my beautiful Colombia.
  • I met some interesting people that challenged me.
  • I realized that when you don’t care about money it comes by itself.
  • I’m beginning to know myself better.
  • I’m the same simple, honest and innocent person as the one who started to being an engineer 8 years ago.

When you look behind you realize that everything was not as bad as you thought, or good depending the point of view. Also you realize that the past is gone, and for me it also means that the future is not written, it is a mystery (the goals for this year were not achieved, as I thought). That means that today is all that matters. That’s is why it is called the "present” (as Master Oogway said :))

Hope that you had a nice 2010 and that this evening you will celebrate the end of it, and the beginning of 2011, with your people, whenever you are and whoever you are :) I send you this picture that presents the beauty of my country, it was taken one year ago and reflects the same day that we are having today in Bogotá.


Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hoy en mi país se esta celebrando la Teletón, un evento que busca recaudar fondos para las personas discapacitadas o para los que lo han perdido todo en el duro invierno que afecta a nuestro país. Se han planteado metas muy grandes (alrededor de $ –pesos colombianos que serían más de 8.3 millones de dólares-) pero cuando se divide entre el número de colombianos que hemos tenido la bendición de nacer en este gran país la donación por persona se reduce a menos de $500 (menos de un cuarto de dólar). Yo ya realicé mi donación y he tratado de convencer a otros que lo hagan, pero la verdad sea dicha, es muy difícil.

Me ha sorprendido la actitud de varias personas, que teniendo la capacidad de donar los $500 no lo hacen. Alucen que no tienen dinero, que la plata se la van a robar, que ayudan por otro lado, etc. Las excusas son algo que nunca nos ha dejado progresar a nosotros como colombianos, de ahí la campaña de la epidemia de excusas. Este es un post para invitar a donar, para que dejemos de lado las excusas y saquemos nuestro corazón de colombianos (si no lo recuerdan el símbolo de “Colombia es Pasión” es un corazón) y donemos esos $500 o más que tanto necesita la gente que lo ha perdido todo y los niños que a pesar de la discapacidad con su esperanza hacen que reflexionemos sobre el futuro de nuestro país.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

About Opportunities

P1030124Today has been a quite surprising day. Last week I was worried about my working condition, during all my life I have never had a permanent job. While everybody is working (most of them, I don’t know if all, being unhappy at their jobs), I ‘m a postgraduate student, working as a teacher (something that I love) and sometimes having freelance jobs. That’s what I have been doing during this year, that is almost over. I’m the only one who take this path, and, honestly, I’m worried because the north is blurred, so I asked for a job. And somebody up there heard me.

In the last 36 hours I’ve received 4 job offers, and counting the teacher assistant position that I’ve already applied,  there are 5 opportunities that I have. Which one I will take? the answer is “I have no idea”. For me this means that next year will be quite productive, as a friend of mine say “I have a feeling next year will be very exciting for everyone”, and this is just the beginning.

Now I’m working on my thesis, hope to finish it next year ASAP, and in a prototype that hopefully will change something in the world :). Now I’m asking for wisdom, the wisdom to choose the right option and the one who will open new opportunities in my life. As Victor Hugo Said: “The future has many names: For the weak, it means the unattainable. For the fearful, it means the unknown. For the courageous, it means opportunity”, hope that my courage and wisdom gave me a nice future, and that the road I will take is a not taken road, as Robert Frost said: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference”.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home is where your heart belongs

A couple of years ago a person who has won a place in my heart said: “home is where your heart belongs”, and yesterday I understand the true meaning of this. Last week Mario Vargas Llosa received the Literature Nobel Price and in his speech he said (I don’t want to translate it because it can loose the meaning, so hope you will understand Sonrisa):

‎"La patria no son las banderas ni los himnos, ni los discursos apodícticos sobre los héroes emblemáticos, sino un puñado de lugares y personas que pueblan nuestros recuerdos y los tiñen de melancolía, la sensación cálida de que, no importa donde estemos, existe un hogar al que podemos volver"

In other words, homeland are the places and people who create our memories and remind us that homeland is the place where we will always can come back. This quote explains the true meaning of the Post’s Title.

Sometimes I miss my home, not here in Colombia, but in Dominican Republic. I know that if I come back now to the island I won’t be at home again. Why? because the definition of home relies on the Einstein’s definition of time-space: one cannot exist without the other. My home two years ago was the island and my friends, as Vargas Llosa said, the places and the people who populate our memories. The best days of my life lie in that 6 months of 2008, those months are the home I miss and that my memories, and sometimes the pictures, recreate in the moments when my soul feels alone.

This picture brings to my mind the island and the people who made my home there, and also reminds me that they are far away, but also that they are just a click away Risa.