Thursday, November 25, 2010

Movies and tears

I have another confession to make: I’m such a crybaby. When I see something beautiful in the world, when a movie really moves me, when a song touch my heart, when I realize the magnanimity of human soul… a tear falls through my face Sonrisa . And this week I watched a couple of movies (actually four) that really moved me. The first one is Everybody’s fine, a movie about solitude, family, forgiveness and love. In some way I felt represented by the main character, an alone widower trying to put his family together, discovering each day the boredom in life and taking risks to avoid the cruel fate. The end of the movie really moves you, everything makes sense; it shows how people can really influence you, in a good or a bad way. The quote to quote of this movie is:

  • What are you gonna do when you grow up?
  • l wanna be a painter and do my pictures
  • No, not a painter. Painters paint walls and dogs pee on walls. You're gonna be an artist. Artists paint pictures that change people's lives.

The second movie (actually three) is the Toy Story Trilogy Sonrisa . A movie for children that makes adults cry. In some way I feel like Woody, being there for others, some times feeling envy of others, a dreamer and a loyal friend. And also I thought about my old toys, I had two bears and several cars, we were not rich (neither be now) but my parents gave me all the things I needed to travel through my imagination. Also I feet like Andy, when you grow up you forget several things from you were a child and you begin to fall in the monotone circle of an average life. But when you use your imagination again, and think like a kid, without the restrictions, laws and fears of the actual society, you can find yourself reaching ideas that could change the world. So let’s use our internal child and let him/her change and confront your thoughts.

I want to finish this post with a quote from a person who I admire, you probably realize who is him Sonrisa.

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