Monday, September 6, 2010

Creation process and fear

I’m working in research, and most of the time the research process, as I believed,  is just the second when your “muse” gives you the idea that will change everything. And how difficult is to reach that second!!!. The research process is quite difficult, and some times quite frustrating. These months doing research has been a constant ups and downs, being happy for see the big picture and after being sad of loosing the focus… but this also has taught me, in the hard way, that creation process is a road that always is difficult and the only way to walk through it is working harder each time and begging for that moment of inspiration.

But there is always fear, I’ve felt that fear several times during this year. For me is the fear of failure, to fail and never be able to wake up and start again. Maybe this fear has pushed me to keep learning, to learn each day as I will live forever, because I don’t want to loose an opportunity. Is this good or not? Somebody could think that if my drive is the fear all my purposes could lose perspective… and it is true!!!!

So I want to stop feeling fear and drive my life with my goals. And understand that creation process requires work, tons of work, not just the precious moment of life where everything is clear. This moment is required also but it won’t come without work. And that is what the next video is about. An amazing conference that opened my mind and my creativity process to new perspectives and challenges. Thanks to ted for Inspire my life, as always :) 

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