Friday, August 27, 2010

Quarter worth

I don’t believe in para-scientific theories. I don’t believe in numerology, even after somebody told me that I’m a “Master Number” (I don’t know yet what should I do…), neither in astrology or in paranormal activities. I believe in science, and even more after read “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark”, but this year I have had a curiosity about the number 25.

25 is a pretty interesting number. It is the square of 5, with that number I won some money in the roulette some years ago, in statistics is used in several analysis (like box-models, percentile analysis or error analysis ) and it is the 25%, the quarter of a century. The idea of become 25 has been running into my mind for several months, and now I’ve just passed the date, I’m already 25. One year ago few people gave me a greeting on my day, this year several ones gave me the best wishes. That’s a good start :) .

Last year was pretty crap, except for the journeys was a quite boring one. It began with me working at the banking industry. The first four months were characterized by the routine, waking up, going to work, coming back to home and sleeping; then on November I made a choice, I quitted my job and started a journey to know better my country, my home. That journey started with the recognition of our place in the world and the respect that our home deserves and asks us (in the Amazonas) and ended with a vast view of our mountains, where life is born, where all cosmogonies and links were created. 

After that I started my studies, my first semester at the master was not as I supposed (actually I was pretty disappointed). I had to research in something that I like but that was not oriented with my life plan. Now I’m in the second semester and things are more clear than before. Now I’m researching in something that is totally connected with my future plans and life option, I promise to talk about it in the next posts :). And also I realized one of my dreams, be a teacher. I am giving lectures to two groups, i.e. 80 people. During 8 hours per week I have the chance to give knowledge, to teach to the next generation some tools that shaped the world during the last years and that will help them in the changing world process. It seems that the next 25 years are beginning with a very nice mood :).

During this 25 years I’ve done several things, I became an engineer, I lived in another country, I’ve traveled quite much inside my country, I’ve found love and lost it… and I have defined what I want to do with my life. I have always thought that I haven’t done so much with my life, but when I saw the movie, when I saw it in a retrospective view I realized that I’ve done so much with my life, even more that a lot of people in a life time. That’s why this is a quarter that worth.

What is going to happen next? I don’t know and I want to  discover when the time comes. Now I have the feeling that life is changing, I’m realizing that some circles and cycles are in a closing process and that new energy is coming. Maybe that’s the reason because I can’t stop listening to this song, the song that defined the end of the hippies era… 

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