Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why do we watch TV?

One of my new resolutions for time management is “Watch less TV”. I used to watch a lot of TV when I was younger, so many cartoons and programs invaded my life during the last 15 years. In 2008 when I have no TV I realized how much time I lost watching that “Magical Box”, so I used my time to read and discover that the human imagination has no limits.

Then last year I decided to watch less TV and read more, I read more than 10 books and I felt an incredible feeling. But monotony, I believe, is an organic behaviour, it is something that you have inside, like the wildness and always are pushing you to remain in the same state. These days I’ve been reading the last book of Paulo Cohelo “The Winner Stands Alone”. One of the characters has a list of normality, a person who does the same things each day, until him dies. Probably a “normal” person watch TV because it saves him from the work of thinking. Television programs gives us everything prepared to think less.

So my idea is that people watch TV because it gives them prepared, they don’t have to use their brains, just their pilot mode of their bodies (like breath, heart beating and so on). I realized that last week and decided to use my brain. The perfect example here are the movies based in books. I have had the opportunity to read the book and after watch the movie, and let me say, the movie that I created in my mind when I read the book was 1000 times better that the film itself. When you read, the infinite power of human imagination creates the story that fits to us, the right one with the actors that we like, the picture we love and the landscapes that transport us to the deepest sides of our memories.

I highly recommend to read and also to listen to radio, I’ve travelled quite far with the sounds of that pretty old artefact. But, what about the question itself? why do we watch TV? There might be several reasons, mines are that I love series that left me something, like House M.D., or channels that have interesting topics, like Discovery or NatGeo. But for most of the people, I believe, use it just for escape from reality, but through the eyes of others.

This post is to ask you to use your brain, to turn off your TV and open a book. Specially for Latin-American people, don’t waste your time watching “Novelas”, there is a huge world outside calling to be discovered. You don’t even need to take a plane to discover the world, maybe the most amazing story is just in front of you, inside a book. Feed your brain, maybe is the only part of your body you will be proud if is overfeeded.

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