Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where will life take me?

More than a year ago I wrote a post called A Journey, this post had a beautiful commercial of Louis Vuitton about the journey, and I felt it deeply in my heart because I was unpacking my suitcase still… Now I don’t want to talk about the journey, but about the title of the movie “Where will life take you?”.

This has been running through my head couple of weeks, the last month, June, has been a quite difficult one. I’ve had so much time to think about my future, about what I’ve done since I arrived back in home. The result, I realized that I have not done what I thought at the beginning of 2009. In February of 2009 my proposal was to work for a few months and then apply for a new internship, time passed and I worked during all the year, I didn’t find a nice internship, and the good ones required an University approval… which I didn’t have…  After June my job turned quite monotone… and in November I took a decision, leave my job and begin to study for myself, in order to be prepared for my master studies, that began on February.

But I have been quite disappointed with my master… it has not fulfil my expectances. The level of the people who is studying is not what I thought, and also the learning has not been the best… maybe because it is a new research line, maybe because there is not a lot of expert teachers in that field…. maybe… so many “maybes”… I realized that I was giving excuses to all of what I was disappointed and disagree. I found myself like the “Nowhere man” (song by the Beatles), in a point where I was but nobody was, in a place where I was but that was not in my map…

During the last weeks I’ve been becoming crazy, in the good sense :P, realizing that I’m almost 25 and  my fate is not defined yet. I have always thought that money is not important, but life have shown me that, even if it is not important, it is a necessary tool to prepare a good future. I’ve been workless for around 6 months, and I feel the despair… now I know that work is the real distraction of the human being. So I believe that thinking and definition time has come.

What should I do in this last 6 months of 2010? there is my “Bucket list” for the end of this year:

  • Present the IELTS test, in order to have a sufficiency certificate of English language.
  • Apply to 2 or 3 Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for next year.
  • Take the courses that I like and want in the university. Not take classes to fill the space and afterwards get disappointed.
  • Find a Job in a big company, leave behind my “Technical and programmer” past and begin working in Management of Information Systems / Technology. This new approach will be the one that I will follow the rest of my life.
  • Keep learning French.
  • Try to not waste my time.
  • Read more.
  • Be less connected.
  • Disconnect the TV in my room, so if I don’t have time I will read :)
  • Focus, and focus, and focus!
  • and at least but not last: try to do all this together…

I know that it is difficult, specially the part of study/work together because sometimes those are mutually exclusive, but I know that I can accomplish most of this goals… time will come and I will tell you how life is going on :)

Pd. I will post more things in this blog, as I need to study for the English test this will be a good exercise.


How many sunsets I’ve post in this blog? I think that now is time for sunrises :)

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