Saturday, March 6, 2010

Buenas noches Parceros, que tal


Those were the words that opened last night the best concert-show that I’ve ever seen, the Coldplay Concert at Bogotá. Viva la Vida Tour presented last night in Bogotá was one of the most amazing events of the recent time,  not only because the importance of the artist but also for all the performance. I have to confess that my expectations for the show were not the highest. I bought the ticket 4 months ago, in my last day of working in the bank, that was a rainy one. I kept the ticket for 4 months inside a book, just waiting for the time when I will take it out. Actually during that 4 months I forgot about that, just realized about it 2 days ago.

I’ve been in other concerts, but those were only a show where a group of people played songs that I knew. Due this experience my expectations were basics. But when the show began all my ideas were destroyed by an incredible introduction by Strauss followed by the beautiful image of the liberty being the background of the Life in Technicolor :) . Then all the concert was an incredible experience filled with colours, lights, sounds, people and magic. It is incredible how people can transmit to you their energy and feelings, and this guys really know how to do it. Their songs can give you energy, can transmit happiness or melancholia, can transport you to another place in this beautiful world or can just put a smile upon your face :).

The charm of the group was amazing in the way that they were there for us as public, they didn’t came believing that they were gods or people that we have to adore. No, they were here for the people also speaking in my own language , saying “Perdonen mi español, pero estamos muy felices de estar aca por la primera vez”, writing in his piano words like “Ave”, “Sonrisa” and “Ternura” (bird, smile and tenderness respectively); those are symbols of happiness and love for each human being and show the incredible personality of the band.

Why I wrote an entire post of it? First because I love the music, the messages, the sounds, the performance, that is to say everything of the show. Second because since 2 years from now I’m becoming more hippie than ever, I’m working to save this planet, telling to other people how to act for themselves,  getting involved in politics more than ever and the most important thing: thinking for myself :). And the third thing is a mixture between the last ones, as I’m becoming more hippie I also want to spread my thoughts and the lyrics and meanings of the Coldplay’s songs realize what I want, those ideas reflect what I am now as a person, as a human being. People use to listen to music just because it sounds cool, but me, I listen to music because I like the message, the symbols and also because is cool :P. Peace, love, happiness even melancholy are words that can describe my way of thinking and also the way that I see the world in the future :).

Those are my perceptions of the best concert ever, and I have only one final thing to say: VIVA LA VIDA :)


An incredible song full of colors, words and messages :)

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