Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Resolutions

2010 is here and as a lot of people in the world I am preparing my new years priorities. So while I listen some “Protest Songs” I will share with you my resolutions for this year that began few days ago, the order as they appear doesn’t mean priorities, it is just as their are appearing in my mind:

  • 100 posts: Last year I only wrote 33 posts! but in 2008 in four months I wrote 61 posts. Something is clear here, 2008 was a more inspiring year. As I told you in my last post some of the things that happened to me in 2009 didn’t inspire me to wrote something. Today I read a post that talks about ways to start a new year and two of them were Get rid of negative thoughts and change routine. Those were my principal problems the last year, but them won’t be anymore in my life because the decisions that I took. So I will be able to write again (I have several ideas and things to say) during this year and I set a goal – write 100 posts during this year. This also will become me a more online person. So as a normal consequence of this I will buy my own domain and move this blog to that place. From now I am looking for options for that, but mainly I think that I will buy a business space (because I will need more space and maybe some others domains for some projects that I have in mind) and also move to WordPress, so far it is becoming in the best choice for better blogger management.
  • Going venture: Last months of 2009 I was part of a venture project and guess what, I liked It :), mainly because I am free, my imagination is the limit and I see a way to realize my thoughts and ideas. Now finishing the requirements and starting the design phase all the ideas, thoughts, mental maps and images will begin to become a reality. Our goal is simple, have a full functional prototype for this year. Ideas are everywhere and research for that ideas is necessary, but for sure we will do it and you will know it through this blog :) .
  • Change the world: In February I will start my studies again, now in a Master level. Being outside of the University gave me a Global view of how world works. And also working in the banking sector gave me a new perspective of what is important in life and also the known that I don’t want to do it again. In the very moment when I knew this I realized that the time had come, that from now all my efforts will be focused in one goal, change my home. The mayor systems that we need to change are the health and education systems, and I will be working in both of them, researching in one and being part of the other. Now I will be part of the solution, leaving the quiet place where you criticize to be in the front improving it. I’ve dreamt with it for so much time and now is a reality, it is going to be hard and difficult but I will be pleased to be working for it, for my home :)
  • Fill spaces: As I told you in my last post 2009 was a year where I felt the loneliness. Then 2010 will be a year where I will find, or at least search search, persons and moments that can fill that spaces that I have in my life. I know that it comes when it has to, but also you have to take the signals that life gives you and give your best to that :) .
  • Get Smart: I am a more intellectual person in this moment than in another moment if my life and I want more…. Last year I read 12 books, began to follow blogs (now I have more than 30 subscriptions) , watched a lot of movies (I watched almost 100) and started a French course. This year I want to improve this. A research shows that an average person in USA consume 36 GB of information daily, that is an average person that, I suppose, spend 8 hours working and at least 4 watching TV at home. Looking through Internet I found that an average person in USA reads among 3 and 6 books per year and watch 28 hours of TV each week. That means that if the 10% of the TV are adds, people watch almost 3 hours of commercials weekly that are 6,5 days in one year. If you spend 24 hours reading an average book, that is a lot of time, people in USA spend more time watching adds than reading! So I think that I use more information daily than an average person in USA, and also information that is valuable no just stupid series or fancy commercials. So my goal is that, get more information that ever and use all of that in my personal life an projects :).
  • Getting there and away: In 2009 I traveled a lot in my country and is something that I want to do again. I take almost 2000 pictures this year and that is a good measure to improve. It means that I have to know more places this year in order to take more pictures. Also last year I was in two of the 4 borders of my country, with Brazil and Ecuador, so this year I have to visit the other two borders, with Panama and Venezuela, and try to know another country.

So far those are my 2010 resolutions. I will improve in many ways my style of life, as you see, and also with this I will try to improve others life. The road is ahead and I have to go through it, time has come and life is just in the next corner :)

PC310012The rise of a new year… (This picture is the sunrise of the First of January) 


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