Friday, December 31, 2010


As the last day of this year it is an habit to write about the 365 days that have passed and make some wishes for the ones that start. This post is about all the 356 days that passed away.

I can remember when we were watching, through the news (Internet was not available for us in that moment), how the world said goodbye to 1999, to the last century of the second millennium. Today the first year of the second decade of the third millennium is over and that’s something, at least for me, that make you think about your achievements and failures during this year. As I remember in my post of wishes for 2010 I hoped this year to be memorable and I set up some goals to achieve during 2010. Now I have to say that had goals bigger than the year itself. For the 6 goals proposed for this year I achieved zero (0).  The reasons of this failure are several:

  • Mainly the lost of passion. When I wrote the resolutions I was deeply passionate about the new year, but as the days passed I lost it, and I didn’t find it again.
  • As the passion was lost, the north was blur. In February I lost the north, specially regarding my thesis topic.
  • Also it helped the fact to be alone, I’ve realized that I need in my life somebody that clear the glasses of my soul and let her be.
  • When the passion goes the procrastination arrives. I could had read more, but without passion I spend a lot of time doing nothing.
  • As Paulo Cohelo said:The first symptom of the process of our killing our dreams is the lack of time. The busiest people I have known in my life always have time enough to do everything. Those who do nothing are always tired and pay no attention to the little amount of work they are required to do. They complain constantly that the day is too short”. This happened to me this year, specially with the journey wish. I didn’t have time to travel, but I had it to be lazy.
  • As a result of the laziness I gain some kilos.

I’m being painfully, brutally honest with me, and you also. Honestly I’m not proud of this year, this was not what I expected one year ago. The reasons of why I lost the passion, become lazy, being more alone than ever are ... ... ... I have no idea. But, hopefully, the last weeks of this year have been quite nice and I begin to feel alive, again! Everything seems to go OK by now, except for my thesis (still my headache). I’ve read some books again, I’ve been working in a project that hopefully will se the light soon and I’ve some ideas to implement next year. Also when I read about my thesis I found that nobody has performed a similar study so it encourages me to keep doing it.

But as nothing can be that bad also I had some nice moments and facts this year:

  • I had the opportunity to teach. I always wanted to do and I felt amazing giving my lectures. I hope to keep doing it the rest of my life.
  • I bought an iPod touch, something that I always wanted.
  • I’ve learn new things regarding my career.
  • I went to some unknown places of my beautiful Colombia.
  • I met some interesting people that challenged me.
  • I realized that when you don’t care about money it comes by itself.
  • I’m beginning to know myself better.
  • I’m the same simple, honest and innocent person as the one who started to being an engineer 8 years ago.

When you look behind you realize that everything was not as bad as you thought, or good depending the point of view. Also you realize that the past is gone, and for me it also means that the future is not written, it is a mystery (the goals for this year were not achieved, as I thought). That means that today is all that matters. That’s is why it is called the "present” (as Master Oogway said :))

Hope that you had a nice 2010 and that this evening you will celebrate the end of it, and the beginning of 2011, with your people, whenever you are and whoever you are :) I send you this picture that presents the beauty of my country, it was taken one year ago and reflects the same day that we are having today in Bogotá.


Saturday, December 18, 2010


Hoy en mi país se esta celebrando la Teletón, un evento que busca recaudar fondos para las personas discapacitadas o para los que lo han perdido todo en el duro invierno que afecta a nuestro país. Se han planteado metas muy grandes (alrededor de $ –pesos colombianos que serían más de 8.3 millones de dólares-) pero cuando se divide entre el número de colombianos que hemos tenido la bendición de nacer en este gran país la donación por persona se reduce a menos de $500 (menos de un cuarto de dólar). Yo ya realicé mi donación y he tratado de convencer a otros que lo hagan, pero la verdad sea dicha, es muy difícil.

Me ha sorprendido la actitud de varias personas, que teniendo la capacidad de donar los $500 no lo hacen. Alucen que no tienen dinero, que la plata se la van a robar, que ayudan por otro lado, etc. Las excusas son algo que nunca nos ha dejado progresar a nosotros como colombianos, de ahí la campaña de la epidemia de excusas. Este es un post para invitar a donar, para que dejemos de lado las excusas y saquemos nuestro corazón de colombianos (si no lo recuerdan el símbolo de “Colombia es Pasión” es un corazón) y donemos esos $500 o más que tanto necesita la gente que lo ha perdido todo y los niños que a pesar de la discapacidad con su esperanza hacen que reflexionemos sobre el futuro de nuestro país.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

About Opportunities

P1030124Today has been a quite surprising day. Last week I was worried about my working condition, during all my life I have never had a permanent job. While everybody is working (most of them, I don’t know if all, being unhappy at their jobs), I ‘m a postgraduate student, working as a teacher (something that I love) and sometimes having freelance jobs. That’s what I have been doing during this year, that is almost over. I’m the only one who take this path, and, honestly, I’m worried because the north is blurred, so I asked for a job. And somebody up there heard me.

In the last 36 hours I’ve received 4 job offers, and counting the teacher assistant position that I’ve already applied,  there are 5 opportunities that I have. Which one I will take? the answer is “I have no idea”. For me this means that next year will be quite productive, as a friend of mine say “I have a feeling next year will be very exciting for everyone”, and this is just the beginning.

Now I’m working on my thesis, hope to finish it next year ASAP, and in a prototype that hopefully will change something in the world :). Now I’m asking for wisdom, the wisdom to choose the right option and the one who will open new opportunities in my life. As Victor Hugo Said: “The future has many names: For the weak, it means the unattainable. For the fearful, it means the unknown. For the courageous, it means opportunity”, hope that my courage and wisdom gave me a nice future, and that the road I will take is a not taken road, as Robert Frost said: “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference”.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Home is where your heart belongs

A couple of years ago a person who has won a place in my heart said: “home is where your heart belongs”, and yesterday I understand the true meaning of this. Last week Mario Vargas Llosa received the Literature Nobel Price and in his speech he said (I don’t want to translate it because it can loose the meaning, so hope you will understand Sonrisa):

‎"La patria no son las banderas ni los himnos, ni los discursos apodícticos sobre los héroes emblemáticos, sino un puñado de lugares y personas que pueblan nuestros recuerdos y los tiñen de melancolía, la sensación cálida de que, no importa donde estemos, existe un hogar al que podemos volver"

In other words, homeland are the places and people who create our memories and remind us that homeland is the place where we will always can come back. This quote explains the true meaning of the Post’s Title.

Sometimes I miss my home, not here in Colombia, but in Dominican Republic. I know that if I come back now to the island I won’t be at home again. Why? because the definition of home relies on the Einstein’s definition of time-space: one cannot exist without the other. My home two years ago was the island and my friends, as Vargas Llosa said, the places and the people who populate our memories. The best days of my life lie in that 6 months of 2008, those months are the home I miss and that my memories, and sometimes the pictures, recreate in the moments when my soul feels alone.

This picture brings to my mind the island and the people who made my home there, and also reminds me that they are far away, but also that they are just a click away Risa.


Thursday, November 25, 2010

Movies and tears

I have another confession to make: I’m such a crybaby. When I see something beautiful in the world, when a movie really moves me, when a song touch my heart, when I realize the magnanimity of human soul… a tear falls through my face Sonrisa . And this week I watched a couple of movies (actually four) that really moved me. The first one is Everybody’s fine, a movie about solitude, family, forgiveness and love. In some way I felt represented by the main character, an alone widower trying to put his family together, discovering each day the boredom in life and taking risks to avoid the cruel fate. The end of the movie really moves you, everything makes sense; it shows how people can really influence you, in a good or a bad way. The quote to quote of this movie is:

  • What are you gonna do when you grow up?
  • l wanna be a painter and do my pictures
  • No, not a painter. Painters paint walls and dogs pee on walls. You're gonna be an artist. Artists paint pictures that change people's lives.

The second movie (actually three) is the Toy Story Trilogy Sonrisa . A movie for children that makes adults cry. In some way I feel like Woody, being there for others, some times feeling envy of others, a dreamer and a loyal friend. And also I thought about my old toys, I had two bears and several cars, we were not rich (neither be now) but my parents gave me all the things I needed to travel through my imagination. Also I feet like Andy, when you grow up you forget several things from you were a child and you begin to fall in the monotone circle of an average life. But when you use your imagination again, and think like a kid, without the restrictions, laws and fears of the actual society, you can find yourself reaching ideas that could change the world. So let’s use our internal child and let him/her change and confront your thoughts.

I want to finish this post with a quote from a person who I admire, you probably realize who is him Sonrisa.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Cooking for change

Truth be told, I love food Sonrisa . I don’t like some vegetables of seafood but I enjoy seeing, smelling and tasting the food. And I have never found something relevant for this passion, until today. This evening I watched Julie & Julia, an amazing movie about cook, dreams, passions and goals. The story reminded me  the amount of failures, disappointments, the difficulties and other things that cross our roads everyday. And the way how Julia, performed by the incredible Meryl Streep, get through all of this with a smile and the hope that tomorrow will be a new day.

I can say that this movie is quite inspiring, and delicious Lengua fuera. It inspired me to continue walking my road, having the goals clear in my mind and also that the way of how I walk through it can make the difference between failure and success. And also I saw one of my dreams in the movie, to publish a book. This is the first time that I say this to somebody, I want to write something. Whatever, a short tale, a novel, articles and also, why not,  an opinion column in a respected newspaper (physical or online).

I highly recommend to watch this movie and also, why not, try to prepare some of the recipes that Julia published in one of the best sellers books:  Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Bon appétit!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Future and Past

The last six months have been like a roller coaster for me. I changed my thesis topic, I was frustrated of being wasting my time in the MSc, I was excited developing a new project (that I left in stand by :/ ), I found a nice thesis topic and now I  have it approved, I realized that the only way to succeed is work harder and being quite strict with my time, I began the definition of what I want to do in life and also I began to close circles of my life, some circles that tie me to the past and don’t let me hope for a better future.

The dilemma  of the last months has been that, the memories of a better past and the hope for an incredible future. I realized today that my past is hiding my future. The dream of a Love that will never come back has stuck me in Limbo, a place I want to quit but where old ghosts are tying me up. How do you kill these ghosts when they seem so nice and give some seconds of peace? How to be strong and leave behind the good old memories? How do you cut the “liaison” and take the adventure of life? These questions have been in my mind during the last months and now I realize that I need an answer, a simple but precise one.

Several options have crossed my mind, from quitting the MSc to search a Job abroad and start again. Maybe that’s what I need, to start again. Do you have to be so dramatic and start again? can you clean up your memories without changing your lifestyle? I don’t know. But what I know is that I need to clean up my mind, I need to feel the change, I need to feel that my life’s work worth something, I need to feel awesome again.

Then I remembered the quote of a famous movie that brought me a small smile and the feeling of hope:

For what it's worth: it's never too late or, in my case, too early to be whoever you want to be.
There's no time limit, stop whenever you want.
You can change or stay the same, there are no rules to this thing.
We can make the best or the worst of it.
I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you never felt before.
I hope you meet people with a different point of view.
I hope you live a life you're proud of. If you find that you're not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Creation process and fear

I’m working in research, and most of the time the research process, as I believed,  is just the second when your “muse” gives you the idea that will change everything. And how difficult is to reach that second!!!. The research process is quite difficult, and some times quite frustrating. These months doing research has been a constant ups and downs, being happy for see the big picture and after being sad of loosing the focus… but this also has taught me, in the hard way, that creation process is a road that always is difficult and the only way to walk through it is working harder each time and begging for that moment of inspiration.

But there is always fear, I’ve felt that fear several times during this year. For me is the fear of failure, to fail and never be able to wake up and start again. Maybe this fear has pushed me to keep learning, to learn each day as I will live forever, because I don’t want to loose an opportunity. Is this good or not? Somebody could think that if my drive is the fear all my purposes could lose perspective… and it is true!!!!

So I want to stop feeling fear and drive my life with my goals. And understand that creation process requires work, tons of work, not just the precious moment of life where everything is clear. This moment is required also but it won’t come without work. And that is what the next video is about. An amazing conference that opened my mind and my creativity process to new perspectives and challenges. Thanks to ted for Inspire my life, as always :) 

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Este año celebramos a lo largo de nuestra Latinoamérica los primeros 200 años de nuestra independencia. No quiero dedicar este post a una disertación larga y extensa sobre nuestra independencia y libertad actual. Tampoco quiero discutir con aquellos que no creen en nuestra independencia y que creen que no somos más que parte de un nuevo colonialismo. Solo quiero usar este espacio hoy para mencionar algunas frases celebres de la libertad.

¡Pueblo indolente! ¡Cuán distinta sería hoy vuestra suerte si conocierais el precio de la libertad! Pero no es tarde. Ved que, mujer y joven, me sobra valor para sufrir la muerte y mil muertes más. ¡No olvidéis este ejemplo! 

Policarpa Salavarrieta

Las armas os han dado la independencia. Las leyes os darán libertad

Francisco de Paula Santander

Nunca fuimos tan libres como bajo la ocupación alemana … cada pensamiento justo era una conquista … cada palabra se volvía preciosa como una declaración de principios

Jean Paul Sartre

La paz exige cuatro condiciones esenciales: Verdad, justicia, amor y libertad.

Juan Pablo II

El derecho es el conjunto de condiciones que permiten a la libertad de cada uno acomodarse a la libertad de todos.

Immanuel Kant

Una prensa libre puede ser buena o mala, pero sin libertad, la prensa nunca será otra cosa que mala.

Albert Camus

Prohibido prohibir. La libertad comienza por una prohibición

Alguna pared de la Sorbona

Quienes son capaces de renunciar a la libertad esencial a cambio de una pequeña seguridad transitoria, no son merecedores ni de la libertad ni de la seguridad.

Benjamin Franklin

El único medio de conservar el hombre su libertad es estar siempre dispuesto a morir por ella.

Edgar Allan Poe

Proclamo en voz alta la libertad de pensamiento y muera el que no piense como yo.


Dando libertad a los esclavos la aseguramos a los libres.

Abraham Lincoln

¿De qué sirve la libertad política para los que no tienen pan? Sólo tiene valor para los teorizantes y los políticos ambiciosos.

Jean Paul Marat

Es más fácil apoderarse del comandante en jefe de un ejército que despojar a un miserable de su libertad.


Los medios violentos nos darán una libertad violenta.

Mahatma Gandhi

Yo desprecié los grados y distinciones. Aspiraba a un destino más honroso: derramar mi sangre por la libertad de mi patria

Simón Bolívar

Y, mi querido lector, que es la libertad para ti?


All day I have been writing an essay, and now when I’m willing to finish it a feeling of nostalgia is around my heart. I’ve spend the last hour seeing pictures about my past, smiling and remembering what life used to be just a couple of years ago. I can still remember how that music used to make me smile. A bunch of memories cross my mind, memories that bring with them the flavors, colors, scents, faces, smiles…

Why I have this feeling? I don’t know, maybe is the fact of being all day thinking that your brain forces you to take a break, and one way to do that is to bring the picture of the old good times. When you miss a place you don’t only miss the physical location, also you miss all that were related to that place. And in this moment I miss everything. Being all day busy, the kind of intellectual work that keeps your brain busy, brought to me my happy place. A place where I can be all day long and nothing will worry me, a place where your heart belongs. By place I mean a specific time-space frame.

What can I do? Easy, escape for a few minutes to that place. Let the pictures be my ship and the music be my captain and probably when I come back new energy will drive my life :)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Quarter worth

I don’t believe in para-scientific theories. I don’t believe in numerology, even after somebody told me that I’m a “Master Number” (I don’t know yet what should I do…), neither in astrology or in paranormal activities. I believe in science, and even more after read “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark”, but this year I have had a curiosity about the number 25.

25 is a pretty interesting number. It is the square of 5, with that number I won some money in the roulette some years ago, in statistics is used in several analysis (like box-models, percentile analysis or error analysis ) and it is the 25%, the quarter of a century. The idea of become 25 has been running into my mind for several months, and now I’ve just passed the date, I’m already 25. One year ago few people gave me a greeting on my day, this year several ones gave me the best wishes. That’s a good start :) .

Last year was pretty crap, except for the journeys was a quite boring one. It began with me working at the banking industry. The first four months were characterized by the routine, waking up, going to work, coming back to home and sleeping; then on November I made a choice, I quitted my job and started a journey to know better my country, my home. That journey started with the recognition of our place in the world and the respect that our home deserves and asks us (in the Amazonas) and ended with a vast view of our mountains, where life is born, where all cosmogonies and links were created. 

After that I started my studies, my first semester at the master was not as I supposed (actually I was pretty disappointed). I had to research in something that I like but that was not oriented with my life plan. Now I’m in the second semester and things are more clear than before. Now I’m researching in something that is totally connected with my future plans and life option, I promise to talk about it in the next posts :). And also I realized one of my dreams, be a teacher. I am giving lectures to two groups, i.e. 80 people. During 8 hours per week I have the chance to give knowledge, to teach to the next generation some tools that shaped the world during the last years and that will help them in the changing world process. It seems that the next 25 years are beginning with a very nice mood :).

During this 25 years I’ve done several things, I became an engineer, I lived in another country, I’ve traveled quite much inside my country, I’ve found love and lost it… and I have defined what I want to do with my life. I have always thought that I haven’t done so much with my life, but when I saw the movie, when I saw it in a retrospective view I realized that I’ve done so much with my life, even more that a lot of people in a life time. That’s why this is a quarter that worth.

What is going to happen next? I don’t know and I want to  discover when the time comes. Now I have the feeling that life is changing, I’m realizing that some circles and cycles are in a closing process and that new energy is coming. Maybe that’s the reason because I can’t stop listening to this song, the song that defined the end of the hippies era… 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

El derecho de soñar

Vaya uno a saber cómo será el mundo más allá del año 2000.
Tenemos una única certeza: si todavía estamos ahí,
para entonces ya seremos gente del siglo pasado y, peor todavía,
seremos gente del pasado milenio.

Sin embargo, aunque no podemos adivinar el mundo que será,
bien podemos imaginar el que queremos que sea.
El derecho de soñar no figura entre los treinta derechos humanos que las Naciones Unidas proclamaron a fines de 1948.

Pero si no fuera por él, y por las aguas que da de beber, los demás derechos se morirían de sed.
Deliremos, pues, por un ratito.

El mundo, que está patas arriba, se pondrá sobre sus pies:
En las calles, los automóviles serán pisados por los perros.
El aire estará limpio de los venenos de las máquinas,
y no tendrá más contaminación que la que emana de los miedos humanos y de las humanas pasiones.
La gente no será manejada por el automóvil, ni será programada por la computadora, ni será comprada por el super-mercado, ni será mirada por el televisor.

El televisor dejará de ser
el miembro más importante de la familia,
y será tratado como la plancha o el lavarropas.

La gente trabajará para vivir,
en lugar de vivir para trabajar.

En ningún país irán presos
los muchachos que se nieguen
a hacer el servicio militar,
sino los que quieran hacerlo.

Los economistas no llamarán
nivel de vida al nivel de consumo,
ni llamarán calidad de vida
a la cantidad de cosas.

Los cocineros no creerán
que a las langostas les encanta
que las hiervan vivas.

Los historiadores no creerán
que a los países les encanta
ser invadidos.

Los políticos no creerán que
a los pobres les encanta
comer promesas.

El mundo ya no estará en
guerra contra los pobres,
sino contra la pobreza, y la
industria militar no tendrá más
remedio que declararse
en quiebra por siempre jamás.

Nadie morirá de hambre, porque nadie
morirá de indigestión.

Los niños de la calle no serán
tratados como si fueran basura,
porque no habrá niños de la calle.

Los niños ricos no serán tratados
como si fueran dinero,
porque no habrá niños ricos.

La educación no será el privilegio
de quienes puedan pagarla.

La policía no será la maldición
de quienes no puedan comprarla.

La justicia y la libertad, hermanas
siamesas condenadas a vivir
separadas, volverán a juntarse, bien
pegaditas, espalda contra espalda.

Una mujer, negra, será
presidente de Brasil y otra mujer,
negra, será presidente de los
Estados Unidos de América.
Una mujer india gobernará
Guatemala y otra, Perú.

En Argentina, las locas
de Plaza de Mayo serán
un ejemplo de salud mental,
porque ellas se negaron a olvidar
en los tiempos de la amnesia

La Santa Madre Iglesia corregirá
algunas erratas de las piedras
de Moisés. El sexto mandamiento
ordenará: "Festejarás el cuerpo".
El noveno, que desconfía
del deseo, lo declarará sagrado.

La Iglesia también dictará
un undécimo mandamiento,
que se le había olvidado al Señor:
"Amarás a la naturaleza,
de la que formas parte".

Todos los penitentes serán
celebrantes, y no habrá noche
que no sea vivida como si fuera
la última, ni día que no sea vivido
como si fuera el primero.

Pareciera que vivimos una crisis más severa que una económica, una crisis de identidad
olvidamos lo importante que es ser Latino para suplir necesidades mundanas….

200 años

Este año es la conmemoración del bicentenario de la independencia de los pueblos latinoamericanos, de aquellos que estuvimos bajo el dominio del Imperio Español por más de 300 años. Innumerables han sido los especiales que nos recuerdan nuestra historia independentista, pocos han sido los que muestran nuestra evolución en estos 200 años y casi ninguno ha mostrado nuestra tarea a futuro o nuestro lugar en el siglo que comienza.

Esta celebración más que un recuerdo de una independencia pasada deberá ser un hito al que debemos mirar en unos años y preguntarnos cuanto hemos hecho por mejorar nuestro continente. Más que una celebración esta fecha deberá ser una oportunidad para analizar lo que hemos hecho con nuestra libertad en estos 200 años. Probablemente el debate sobre esto será largo y complejo, por lo que será más conveniente discutir la otra cosa que debemos hacer por esta época, pensar en nuestro lugar en el mundo y como debemos afrontar los próximos 200 años.

Entonces, ¿qué debemos hacer?, ¿cuál es nuestra tarea?. Si analizamos la situación actual del mundo podemos ver como estamos atravesando una crisis de recurso; el mundo se está quedando vacio. Pero por más vacio que esté aún tendremos a Latinoamérica, como diría Rick :P, el continente más rico en recursos del mundo, un lugar que los españoles no creyeron que existiera cuando lo descubrieron. Lo que el mundo necesita esta en nuestros suelos, en nuestros ríos, en nuestros bosques, en nuestras montañas… y si no somos nosotros los que administramos el futuro, entonces ¿quién?.

Como dice la conclusión del video que se presenta al final del post, las soluciones del mundo pasan por nuestro continente, debemos dejar de mirar el mundo y comenzar a mirarnos a nosotros mismos para que el mundo nos mire. Es importante entonces que cada uno de nosotros tome partido en este nuevo mundo que comienza, y quien más que nosotros los jóvenes con nuestra energía y conocimiento para liderar el cambio que necesita nuestra tierra. Este post más que una conmemoración es una invitación a que cada uno de nosotros se sienta responsable del inicio de los próximos 200 años, porque aunque tengan que pasar varias generaciones para que nuestras sociedades tengan el lugar que merecen en el mundo, nosotros debemos ser la primera que prenda la llama y se encargue de que las generaciones venideras entiendan la tarea y la puedan defender y continuar.


Nuestro lugar en el mundo dependerá de como nos veamos y no de como nos ven…

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why do we watch TV?

One of my new resolutions for time management is “Watch less TV”. I used to watch a lot of TV when I was younger, so many cartoons and programs invaded my life during the last 15 years. In 2008 when I have no TV I realized how much time I lost watching that “Magical Box”, so I used my time to read and discover that the human imagination has no limits.

Then last year I decided to watch less TV and read more, I read more than 10 books and I felt an incredible feeling. But monotony, I believe, is an organic behaviour, it is something that you have inside, like the wildness and always are pushing you to remain in the same state. These days I’ve been reading the last book of Paulo Cohelo “The Winner Stands Alone”. One of the characters has a list of normality, a person who does the same things each day, until him dies. Probably a “normal” person watch TV because it saves him from the work of thinking. Television programs gives us everything prepared to think less.

So my idea is that people watch TV because it gives them prepared, they don’t have to use their brains, just their pilot mode of their bodies (like breath, heart beating and so on). I realized that last week and decided to use my brain. The perfect example here are the movies based in books. I have had the opportunity to read the book and after watch the movie, and let me say, the movie that I created in my mind when I read the book was 1000 times better that the film itself. When you read, the infinite power of human imagination creates the story that fits to us, the right one with the actors that we like, the picture we love and the landscapes that transport us to the deepest sides of our memories.

I highly recommend to read and also to listen to radio, I’ve travelled quite far with the sounds of that pretty old artefact. But, what about the question itself? why do we watch TV? There might be several reasons, mines are that I love series that left me something, like House M.D., or channels that have interesting topics, like Discovery or NatGeo. But for most of the people, I believe, use it just for escape from reality, but through the eyes of others.

This post is to ask you to use your brain, to turn off your TV and open a book. Specially for Latin-American people, don’t waste your time watching “Novelas”, there is a huge world outside calling to be discovered. You don’t even need to take a plane to discover the world, maybe the most amazing story is just in front of you, inside a book. Feed your brain, maybe is the only part of your body you will be proud if is overfeeded.

Things I will do: Own a Restaurant

Some next posts will be about the special things that I would love to do. First will be, Own a Restaurant. I want to sell food and drinks to people. But not just food or drinks, typical ones, from my home land. I want to let the world love my food. And also I want to live a hard day in a restaurant, a very crowed one. So many people asking for things, everybody working hard and, at the end of the day, have that feeling of “Mission Accomplished”.

I would love to feel that. Nothing related with engineering, just food, a good drink, nice people and good time… who wouldn’t love that?

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Where will life take me?

More than a year ago I wrote a post called A Journey, this post had a beautiful commercial of Louis Vuitton about the journey, and I felt it deeply in my heart because I was unpacking my suitcase still… Now I don’t want to talk about the journey, but about the title of the movie “Where will life take you?”.

This has been running through my head couple of weeks, the last month, June, has been a quite difficult one. I’ve had so much time to think about my future, about what I’ve done since I arrived back in home. The result, I realized that I have not done what I thought at the beginning of 2009. In February of 2009 my proposal was to work for a few months and then apply for a new internship, time passed and I worked during all the year, I didn’t find a nice internship, and the good ones required an University approval… which I didn’t have…  After June my job turned quite monotone… and in November I took a decision, leave my job and begin to study for myself, in order to be prepared for my master studies, that began on February.

But I have been quite disappointed with my master… it has not fulfil my expectances. The level of the people who is studying is not what I thought, and also the learning has not been the best… maybe because it is a new research line, maybe because there is not a lot of expert teachers in that field…. maybe… so many “maybes”… I realized that I was giving excuses to all of what I was disappointed and disagree. I found myself like the “Nowhere man” (song by the Beatles), in a point where I was but nobody was, in a place where I was but that was not in my map…

During the last weeks I’ve been becoming crazy, in the good sense :P, realizing that I’m almost 25 and  my fate is not defined yet. I have always thought that money is not important, but life have shown me that, even if it is not important, it is a necessary tool to prepare a good future. I’ve been workless for around 6 months, and I feel the despair… now I know that work is the real distraction of the human being. So I believe that thinking and definition time has come.

What should I do in this last 6 months of 2010? there is my “Bucket list” for the end of this year:

  • Present the IELTS test, in order to have a sufficiency certificate of English language.
  • Apply to 2 or 3 Erasmus Mundus Scholarships for next year.
  • Take the courses that I like and want in the university. Not take classes to fill the space and afterwards get disappointed.
  • Find a Job in a big company, leave behind my “Technical and programmer” past and begin working in Management of Information Systems / Technology. This new approach will be the one that I will follow the rest of my life.
  • Keep learning French.
  • Try to not waste my time.
  • Read more.
  • Be less connected.
  • Disconnect the TV in my room, so if I don’t have time I will read :)
  • Focus, and focus, and focus!
  • and at least but not last: try to do all this together…

I know that it is difficult, specially the part of study/work together because sometimes those are mutually exclusive, but I know that I can accomplish most of this goals… time will come and I will tell you how life is going on :)

Pd. I will post more things in this blog, as I need to study for the English test this will be a good exercise.


How many sunsets I’ve post in this blog? I think that now is time for sunrises :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Captain of my Soul - Invictus

Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Buenas noches Parceros, que tal


Those were the words that opened last night the best concert-show that I’ve ever seen, the Coldplay Concert at Bogotá. Viva la Vida Tour presented last night in Bogotá was one of the most amazing events of the recent time,  not only because the importance of the artist but also for all the performance. I have to confess that my expectations for the show were not the highest. I bought the ticket 4 months ago, in my last day of working in the bank, that was a rainy one. I kept the ticket for 4 months inside a book, just waiting for the time when I will take it out. Actually during that 4 months I forgot about that, just realized about it 2 days ago.

I’ve been in other concerts, but those were only a show where a group of people played songs that I knew. Due this experience my expectations were basics. But when the show began all my ideas were destroyed by an incredible introduction by Strauss followed by the beautiful image of the liberty being the background of the Life in Technicolor :) . Then all the concert was an incredible experience filled with colours, lights, sounds, people and magic. It is incredible how people can transmit to you their energy and feelings, and this guys really know how to do it. Their songs can give you energy, can transmit happiness or melancholia, can transport you to another place in this beautiful world or can just put a smile upon your face :).

The charm of the group was amazing in the way that they were there for us as public, they didn’t came believing that they were gods or people that we have to adore. No, they were here for the people also speaking in my own language , saying “Perdonen mi español, pero estamos muy felices de estar aca por la primera vez”, writing in his piano words like “Ave”, “Sonrisa” and “Ternura” (bird, smile and tenderness respectively); those are symbols of happiness and love for each human being and show the incredible personality of the band.

Why I wrote an entire post of it? First because I love the music, the messages, the sounds, the performance, that is to say everything of the show. Second because since 2 years from now I’m becoming more hippie than ever, I’m working to save this planet, telling to other people how to act for themselves,  getting involved in politics more than ever and the most important thing: thinking for myself :). And the third thing is a mixture between the last ones, as I’m becoming more hippie I also want to spread my thoughts and the lyrics and meanings of the Coldplay’s songs realize what I want, those ideas reflect what I am now as a person, as a human being. People use to listen to music just because it sounds cool, but me, I listen to music because I like the message, the symbols and also because is cool :P. Peace, love, happiness even melancholy are words that can describe my way of thinking and also the way that I see the world in the future :).

Those are my perceptions of the best concert ever, and I have only one final thing to say: VIVA LA VIDA :)


An incredible song full of colors, words and messages :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Un tópico atípico

Los lingüistas, historiadores, arqueólogos, sociólogos… en fin todos aquellos que de una u otra manera trabajan y piensan en la grandeza del ser humano afirman que el idioma es una de las máximas expresiones de cultura de un pueblo. Desde los lenguajes nórdicos, pasando por las lenguas germanas, tratando de comprender la filosofía envuelta en los idiomas orientales y llegando a las lenguas romances de donde surge nuestro querido Español, que también tiene matices árabes e indos en él, uno puede establecer la relación entre  el pueblo, su cultura y su lengua; la estricta estructura del idioma alemán hace de ellos un pueblo avanzado y funcional, la simplicidad del idioma inglés hace que ellos puedan comprender las cosas de una manera más sencilla, la semántica presente en cada uno de los símbolos del japonés hace que la relación del mundo con su cultura sea fuerte, la belleza del idioma francés hace que  este pueblo sea recordado por su arte y su literatura (así como por su revolución :) ), nuestro español nos hace pueblos únicos, resultado de una mezcla milenaria de muchos pueblos a los cuales de una u otra manera les debemos algo.

En parte esta deuda que tenemos con todos nuestros ancestros que nos dieron este legado idiomático implica el respeto. El respeto por nuestro idioma, y de paso por nuestra cultura, es una base fundamental para el sostenimiento de nosotros como sociedad hispano-parlante. Es en base a esta línea de respeto y amor por nuestro idioma materno que debemos usarlo correctamente, no solo siendo justos en la ortografía o en la gramática, sino también semántica. Muchos de nosotros tenemos nuestros afectos a la hora de aprender un idioma nuevo (yo por ejemplo estoy aprendiendo francés) y así como aprendemos a hablarlo de la mejor manera y a respetar cada una de las reglas, y excepciones, de este también debemos sentir el mismo afecto por nuestra lengua nativa; y una de las maneras es usando las palabras que corresponden.

El titulo de este post hace referencia a uno de los errores más comunes entre nosotros como hispano-parlantes, y más en el ámbito científico, el uso de la palabra tópico. Esta pasión por otros idiomas nos lleva a tratar de encontrar semejanzas entre sus palabras y las nuestras al punto de “españolizar”, no estoy seguro si esta palabra existe, varias de ellas. Claro ejemplo de esto son palabras como Closet, Sándwich, Mug y más reciente el uso de verbos como Googlear o Surfear en la web, palabras que dado su amplio uso a nivel universal se han convertido en términos de nuestro diario vivir, pero ¿qué pasa cuando se traduce algo que realmente tiene una traducción y que cuya traducción puede llevar a la mas absurda de las interpretaciones? pues esto sucede a diario en nuestra sociedad. El uso atípico de la palabra tópico ha llevado a que personas ilustradas la usen con el fin de referirse a un tema en específico.

El término Tópico hace referencia a algo que se aplica de manera externa, como una crema o ungüento. He quedado sorprendido cuando he visto expresiones del tipo, tópicos avanzados en, el tópico de nuestra investigación es… como quien dice todo el mundo esta trabajando en cremas!!! la crítica de este post, que sería mejor decir entrada :P , esta enfocada en el mal uso que le damos a esta palabra y más aún en círculos donde se creería que el correcto uso del idioma es una característica por defecto que se debería tener.  Pero más allá de criticar el uso de una palabra la idea central es reconocer la grandeza de nuestro idioma, la riqueza de su léxico y la belleza de su construcción.

Así que este humilde escritor solicita de manera atenta y cordial que cada uno de nosotros sea un caballero semántico y sintáctico, que defendamos nuestra cultura y que seamos fiscales del correcto uso del único legado cultural que permanece a través de las distintas generaciones, de la única enseñanza que nuestros padres indudablemente dejan en nosotros, del único vínculo que tenemos con los cientos de pueblos que han forjado nuestra historia… que seamos guardianes de la palabra :) .

Y evocando al Profesor Super O, “A luchar por la justicia idiomática!”

A quienes ofende la palabra?

A los incapaces de fervor, a los que carecen de imaginación, a los que jamás se hablaron a si mismos, a los que nunca administraron a las cosas el sacramento del bautismo, a los que ignoraron la comparación, a los que pegan a las bestias y a los niños cuando no entienden sus miradas, a los que no quieren ganar fama, a los que temerían confesarse, a los que siempre esperan la delación o la denuncia, a los que no tienen caridad, a los imponentes, a los que no saben qué hacer con la libertad, a los temerosos de la justicia, a los que no pueden trascender de la sensación a la emoción, a los que nada tienen qué decir a un árbol, a un cántaro o a una abeja, a los que fastidia el silbo de un pájaro, a los que cuando levantan el rostro a la noche no sienten sobre su piel el picotear de las estrellas, a los que no escuchan las historias apasionadas que narran los leños en la chimenea, a los que se taponan los oídos para no oír los relatos de viaje del viento.

A los que no tienen Dios, ni amada, ni amigo, ni hijo, ni siquiera una bestia que les pida con inundados ojos la caricia de una palabra.

Tomado de “El gran burundun burunda ha muerto” de Jorge Zalamea

Sunday, February 7, 2010

El olor de los libros

Los seres vivientes más evolucionados tenemos 5 elementos únicos para reconocer el mundo en que vivimos, a los que llamamos sentidos. Ayer tuve una experiencia sensorial que me transporto por rincones lejanos e imaginarios sin siquiera dar un paso, un evento que nunca había sentido y que espero volver a vivir muchas veces en lo que me quede de existencia en la faz de este hermoso planeta; ayer conocí el olor del conocimiento, de las aventuras, de la ciencia, de la filosofía, de la imaginación humana… ayer conocí el olor de los libros.

Yo siempre he sido amante de los libros, no solo por su valor académico, sino también por que son el mayor alimento que la imaginación pueda tener. Como han podido leer en otras entradas de este blog, ha sido una meta personal, en los últimos años, el leer cada vez más libros por el simple amor al aprendizaje y al conocimiento. Pero siempre los había reconocido, a los libros, a través de los ojos, del sentido de la vista. Ayer por primera vez en mi vida entre a una librería de esas que muestran en las películas, aquellas que poseen estantes altísimos repletos de libros, de todos los tamaños y años, de todas las formas y normas, de todas las ciencias y conciencias, de todos los colores y olores…. y es esta última característica la que me transporto y me llevo a escribir esto.

El escenario: el centro de Bogotá, el tiempo: un clima templado de una tarde típica Bogotana, el motivo: comprar un libro universitario,  la excusa: leer uno los libros científicos más importantes de todos los tiempos. Todo esto se junto al mismo tiempo para mostrarme uno de los secretos a los que pocos pueden acceder, el conocimiento representado por un factor sensorial poco común. Entre a una librería cuyo dueño, aparte de tener un aspecto de filosofo loco, poseía un conocimiento sorprendente en libros. Este espacio era como una mezcla entre una casa de Hobbit, una cueva y una casa colonial, un lugar especial donde se conjugan todas las obras que parten de la imaginación humana. Inclusive el exterior también hacia de este un lugar único, el aire enrarecido por las palabras, el tabaco y la marihuana que se colaba por la puerta y se mezclaba con el ambiente propio de la librería.

Fue en ese instante de olores y aromas que, gracias a la evolucionada capacidad olfativa, pude distinguir un olor particular que envolvía a los otros, un olor que conocía de antemano pero por el cual nunca me había detenido a reflexionar, el olor de los libros. Fue un momento mágico, único y especial en el que me sentí más conectado que nunca con los cientos de años de imaginación y conocimiento humano encerrados en los miles de libros presentes en este fantástico lugar.

Si la vida no se mide por el número de veces que uno respira sino por el número de veces que uno se queda sin aliento, indiscutiblemente este momento será uno en el que la respiración fue más importante para guardarlo por siempre que solamente mantener el aliento por la sorpresa y alegría que este produce. :) Por lo tanto, querido lector, con esto quiero extenderle al invitación a que no solo se conforme con lo que su sentido de la vista pueda ofrecerle, sino también que pruebe otros sentidos, que pueda a través de otras sensaciones comprender el mundo en el que vive y aprenda a proteger lo que le gusta de este como, en mi caso, el conocimiento e imaginación presente en los libros.

Pd. I wrote this in Spanish because is easy to express cultural behaviors and feelings in my own language, and for me this sound better in Spanish than in English :P , sorry :) .

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Resolutions

2010 is here and as a lot of people in the world I am preparing my new years priorities. So while I listen some “Protest Songs” I will share with you my resolutions for this year that began few days ago, the order as they appear doesn’t mean priorities, it is just as their are appearing in my mind:

  • 100 posts: Last year I only wrote 33 posts! but in 2008 in four months I wrote 61 posts. Something is clear here, 2008 was a more inspiring year. As I told you in my last post some of the things that happened to me in 2009 didn’t inspire me to wrote something. Today I read a post that talks about ways to start a new year and two of them were Get rid of negative thoughts and change routine. Those were my principal problems the last year, but them won’t be anymore in my life because the decisions that I took. So I will be able to write again (I have several ideas and things to say) during this year and I set a goal – write 100 posts during this year. This also will become me a more online person. So as a normal consequence of this I will buy my own domain and move this blog to that place. From now I am looking for options for that, but mainly I think that I will buy a business space (because I will need more space and maybe some others domains for some projects that I have in mind) and also move to WordPress, so far it is becoming in the best choice for better blogger management.
  • Going venture: Last months of 2009 I was part of a venture project and guess what, I liked It :), mainly because I am free, my imagination is the limit and I see a way to realize my thoughts and ideas. Now finishing the requirements and starting the design phase all the ideas, thoughts, mental maps and images will begin to become a reality. Our goal is simple, have a full functional prototype for this year. Ideas are everywhere and research for that ideas is necessary, but for sure we will do it and you will know it through this blog :) .
  • Change the world: In February I will start my studies again, now in a Master level. Being outside of the University gave me a Global view of how world works. And also working in the banking sector gave me a new perspective of what is important in life and also the known that I don’t want to do it again. In the very moment when I knew this I realized that the time had come, that from now all my efforts will be focused in one goal, change my home. The mayor systems that we need to change are the health and education systems, and I will be working in both of them, researching in one and being part of the other. Now I will be part of the solution, leaving the quiet place where you criticize to be in the front improving it. I’ve dreamt with it for so much time and now is a reality, it is going to be hard and difficult but I will be pleased to be working for it, for my home :)
  • Fill spaces: As I told you in my last post 2009 was a year where I felt the loneliness. Then 2010 will be a year where I will find, or at least search search, persons and moments that can fill that spaces that I have in my life. I know that it comes when it has to, but also you have to take the signals that life gives you and give your best to that :) .
  • Get Smart: I am a more intellectual person in this moment than in another moment if my life and I want more…. Last year I read 12 books, began to follow blogs (now I have more than 30 subscriptions) , watched a lot of movies (I watched almost 100) and started a French course. This year I want to improve this. A research shows that an average person in USA consume 36 GB of information daily, that is an average person that, I suppose, spend 8 hours working and at least 4 watching TV at home. Looking through Internet I found that an average person in USA reads among 3 and 6 books per year and watch 28 hours of TV each week. That means that if the 10% of the TV are adds, people watch almost 3 hours of commercials weekly that are 6,5 days in one year. If you spend 24 hours reading an average book, that is a lot of time, people in USA spend more time watching adds than reading! So I think that I use more information daily than an average person in USA, and also information that is valuable no just stupid series or fancy commercials. So my goal is that, get more information that ever and use all of that in my personal life an projects :).
  • Getting there and away: In 2009 I traveled a lot in my country and is something that I want to do again. I take almost 2000 pictures this year and that is a good measure to improve. It means that I have to know more places this year in order to take more pictures. Also last year I was in two of the 4 borders of my country, with Brazil and Ecuador, so this year I have to visit the other two borders, with Panama and Venezuela, and try to know another country.

So far those are my 2010 resolutions. I will improve in many ways my style of life, as you see, and also with this I will try to improve others life. The road is ahead and I have to go through it, time has come and life is just in the next corner :)

PC310012The rise of a new year… (This picture is the sunrise of the First of January)