Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The jungle, the river and the human being

Last weekend I went to the Amazonas, the most important forest in the world called the World’s Lung, and the feelings that I have after visiting that place are hope and sadness. Before describing my feelings I am going to tell what I see. (Mostly of the pictures are in my Picasa Web Album.)

The first thing that I saw was respect, respect for what has been given to us. Carl Sagan said that we as human beings are on the shoulders of thousand and thousands of generations that has given to us (after uncountable mutations during millions of years) the knowledge and capacities that we have today, and our responsibility is to protect that legacy and give it to the further generations. For me was a total surprise to know that 70% of the Colombian Amazonia is under state protection, that means that all the forest and animals that live there won’t be used for commercial trade. Thousand and thousands of acres are now a legacy for our children. We are protecting all the animal species that live in the Amazonas and is our duty to tell and teach our children how to protect them and how to respect them.


When you are in the river you can see the result of years and years of pollution… the river is getting dry. The largest river in the world by volume has reduced its level of water in the last decade, the principal artery of the world’s lung is getting without blood. As we protect the forest we must protect the environment that feeds it. I have seen with my eyes that the global warming is not an invention of some crazy people, I have touch with my hands the beach that is near the river, created in the recently years. There have been several campaigns to save the river, but this won’t be solved only with the effort of the people that live close to it, it’s a duty of each human being to restore the natural flow of the environment.

PB160102And the last thing that I saw and that I’m going to share is the entity that did the things that I described before: the humans.  Nothing of this would happened if there were no human relation with the Amazonas. Since the very first time that man were in the forest he understood his place in the earth system. It is known that native Americans (from north to south) had a respect for the land, they knew how to use it and also how to protect it; then the conquerors from the east came and destroy each contact that we had with our land. Before this trip I thought that our connection with our place was broken but when I began to talk with native people from Amazonas and they told me what they are doing, how they know how to protect their place, how the are teaching their children using the etno-education (that is an education similar to the normal one but having a deep core in their native knowledge) I felt hope, again, in the human beings. I’ve seen how the beings that had committed the changes that are destroying the planet are trying to revert that, a lot of touristic campaigns are taking place in the Amazonas in order to show the people how the jungle is and how we can save it, as Al Gore said there is no other time to save this planet, we must be remembered as the generation that saved the earth and lead the changes to save our species. PB160161

I’ve seen those three things, highly related with the title of this post, in my journey to the deep of the forest, of the jungle. I said that I felt sadness, why sadness? because I understood the level of destruction that we have done to our planet, I can see in the eyes of the natives the  fear and anger that they have, and also the disappointment that they feel for their sons because they only want to leave the forest in order to earn money. But also I felt hope because there are people that are working to recover the environment, there are teachers that are empowering the children, teaching them about respect and care the forest. The next generations are getting all this knowledge in order to protect their legacy. Universities are researching in new ideas to save the land and also to become it in a sustainable source of resources. The cards are played and each human has the game that can save our home, is just a matter of responsibility.

We are facing the sunset of the post industrial era, the last century was the period of time with the highest level of advancement based on a global scale profit economy. And after sunset the night comes, maybe we are now in the dark side in this moment, but we have to remember that only when when the night is darker is when it is about to dawn…..PB150067

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