Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Goal Almost Accomplished :)

Hi there, a long time ago since my last post in English... Today I want to tell you about a goal that I Set out at the beginning of the year: I wanted to read at least ten books this year.

Today I started my tenth book of this year, so I’ve almost accomplished my goal. In a country were people read less than one book in average per year is a complete success to read ten. Basically Latin-American literature was the chosen one for this year. Why I am telling this? Because today a new year for me begins, now I am 24, one year more and I have lived a quarter of century. So today I made a proposal that is that the next year (2010) I will read 15 books.

Sir Francis Bacon said: Lecture makes the man complete, conversation makes him agile, and writing makes him accurate. I read this quote three years ago but the last year I found the importance and significance that it will have in my life. Last year I met some incredible people who made me think about my place in the world, the way that I learn and use that knowledge in the decisions that I take every day, the way that I express my ideas to others and how that ideas can change the world. During the funniest conversations at food breaks, in the middle of the night, at the meetings or MC meetings, at the balcony in a sunny day or just by chat I always was thinking about how to improve myself in order to give better ideas and to be a helpful person. So I remembered this quote and discover that the way to improve myself was to read a lot, not just from books, but from Internet, newspapers, advertising in the streets… from every place where would be some kind of information. Then I make a wish for me, that was to become a better reader in order to have more arguments and ideas. And also I started this blog, a way to improve my language skills and also to be more accurate in the way I express my ideas.

So, if I have to describe the year where I was 23 I might describe it as the year of getting knowledge. And the prove of that are the around 15 books that I’ve read in this year (August to August). Since now this “reading mania” is going to be a little different because I will start a Master In Science and the kind of lectures that I will do are going to be related with it. Actually I have begun this, reading several books and articles related with the topic of my thesis, something that I will tell you later. But for me is not just to research and become a Master in something, is more a philosophical process because, in my case, I want to do something that could help many people, so I have to research without loosing that north : ) .

I don’t know what is going to happen next year, for sure I will keep this “reading mania”, but there are some ideas that I want to explore and some things that I want to do, for example be a teacher and propose a course in my University called “Entrepreneurship for engineers” In order to change the mentality of the students, to tell them that there is a Huge world outside and what university gives them is just a small idea of the vast cosmic arena.

I hope that when I will be carrying a quarter of century in my shoulders I will do an extensive study of myself during this time and propose the goals for the next 25 years…. A huge responsibility but, I think, a necessary task. Meanwhile the next goal is to read 15 books in the next year, become a teacher (and do a “brainwash process” with the students jejejejeje :P ), be in at least 3 different countries and leave home.

In one year I will write again to tell you if I did what I promise. But now is time for me to relax, to have a vision of the future and to remember with happiness and gladness what this year gave to me.

If you are not prepared to be wrong, you'll never come up with anything original.

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