Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good Old Memories

There are pictures, videos, landscapes, people… that remember us moments of our life. For me there is a song that each time that I hear it transport me into my good old memories of the last year, there is the song :) :

I want to show you what parts of the song transport me to that place:

Yo era de un barrio pobre del centro de la ciudad”: Well… Evaristo Morales, the neighborhood where I lived, is not as poor as you can think… but near it was a really modest place, a couple of streets where you can really feel the Dominican Sense, as I wrote in “Living  in the -tigueraje- City”.

“Montada en un mercedes automático dos puertas”: The amount of expensive cars is incredible… so is common to say that everybody has a “jeepeta” (AKA Jeep). I almost died hit by a car so many times :P , then I thought… well is a Mercedes Jeep… this guy should have the money to compensate me :P

“Yo rodando en una trata con un pie adentro y otro afuera”: The situation of the public transportation in the island is so hard… till the point that there was like 10 persons hanging from a minibus… sometimes I had to take that kind of buses and the experience was…. uff….

“Ella en la Pedro Henríquez, yo estudiante de la UASD”: We as AIESECers have to work with students from the universities… so I met people from all the “social classes” passing trough the beautiful, pretty but without brain girl from PUCMM (PUCMM is one of the most expensive Universities from DR, if no is the most), the middle class people full of dreams and hopes that fights everyday to give their best in the work and studies, and the modest class people that studies at the UASD that is like my university: public, open to everyone and really hard :)

“Ella almuerza en en El Lina yo en un comedor social”:  I always was looking for the cheapest and best lunch of the city :P more than 100 pesos was really expensive for me!! I never was in an expensive restaurant, like El Lina, but this restaurant brings me some memories because is in front of APEC, the University where I spent a lot of time, so many times I was just in front of there saying to me that some day I will eat at that place and also play in the casino that is there :P

“En mi pensión dos cubetas para mojarme la vida”: This sentence brings to me two memories. The first one is very funny… one day, before Christmas I received a call from my roommate telling me that our flat was flooded!   so I ran to my flat to discover that the hot water tank was broken and all the flat was full of water… then we had to wear shorts and with buckets and mops clean the flat… that was so funny :P. The second one is a mixture between this and “estudiante de la UASD”… when we were doing promotion in APEC a humble young man asked me about AIESEC, I told all the stuff and asked what does he study… he answered that he was studying Architecture at UASD… and he was working in the cleaning!  Then I had the feeling that I wanted to help him but I didn’t have the resources and the ways to do it… so he had to continue carrying the water buckets in his place working on something for which he wasn’t studying. “Good Guys Need A Break” but I was not able to give it to him….

The last time that I heard this song I realize something: I felt in love with that place… I know that I complained  a lot of times about DR, about their people, about everything… but at the end, being far from there, I realize the love that I have for that place. I don’t know if was the air, the water, the landscapes, the places…. but there is something in DR that make you fall in love with it :) . Sometime ago I watched a video that said that happiness can be related to the fact that there are some things that we can’t change… as we can't change it, we begin to discover the good things in it, then we realize that we are happy with it, for example, being all life in prison gives you the opportunity to enjoy it. Maybe that what happened to me. I evolved and learnt how to love it :) , and actually how to miss it……


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Alexandru said...

As strange as it may sound my friend, and you know I was even more vociferous about the things DR did not have than you, I miss it a lot also.

It seems that you must lose things and people to realize their worth, as that lady said in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" :/

A lesson for the future then: enjoy fully what you have, worry less for the future and see more of the beauty of "now" and "here":)