Friday, March 27, 2009

A series of fortunate events

This week began with a Monday Morning Meeting, where we discuss, me and my team of the BI course that I’m taking, about the strategic plan for our company. We were working in the downtown of the city and there, a holyday morning where everyone is supposed that have to be sleeping, I saw a girl that was quite similar to the first woman that I loved. So, like an spy, I tried to be close to her until I discovered that she wasn’t (this was the first “fortunate event”). After that I started my week, studying and working, being tired in the nights but with a big smile in my face, because I’m doing things that I really like and that are giving me ideas for new projects and also new hopes :) .

My week ends today (the formal week without weekend) and life gave me an incredible, unbelievable and fortunate day :). This morning I had an appointment with the people who knows the process of the software that we are creating and among them was a women that was quite similar to the mother of the girl that I thought I saw on Monday… “Well” I thought “strange coincidence, two in a week!” (That was the second fortunate event). Then the meeting ended, after it was planned, I was hungry so I decided to go for lunch, 45 minutes after my usual lunch time. While I was having my lunch the third fortunate event happened, I saw her again, not an illusion, the true one! She went to another place, the most expensive one; then I finished my lunch, took the dessert, that was a candy, went to where she was and asked if she wanted to buy me the candy because I have no money :P . She saw me with her “Silence I kill you” look :P and when she discovered that was me… she almost choke with her food!!!

Incredible coincidence, isn’t it? Why am I sharing this? because some times we saw things in our life that surprise us, but instantly it looses all sense because we are so busy in our modern world. A flower in the middle of the desert, a cold and foggy sunrise in the Caribbean or an incredible event could happen one day and we can just let it go because we have our eyes and heart closed to those simple but amazing things that can leave us breathless… as they said: Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away, like the one that I had this morning :)

Sunrise in Pico Duarte, in the middle of the Caribbean

Sunrise in Pico Duarte, middle of the Caribbean

When we wake up in the morning we don’t know what is going to happen, life can hit us in the head with a brick or give us an incredible moment that leave us breathless… the important thing is to have an smile in our face when we wake up each morning because, as a good friend of mine told me, smile and the world will smile with you :)

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