Monday, February 2, 2009

Subete al progreso!

Today I realized something: Societies evolves with the progress that brings the technology. I saw that this afternoon when I was in the Santo Domingo Subway (Metro de Santo Domingo), after sharing a lot of time with dominican people and understanding the way they do, I was really surprised of discovering how domicans can change when they fell that they are doing bad things with their own stuff.

Let me give you an example: There is a yellow line in the floor of the metro station, you have to be behind that line. Of course all the dominicans were looking the rails of the metro... then the security guy thell them that the have to be behind the line, and they just said OK, I'm sorry!!!! And also when they saw somebody doing it they tell them that the correct thing is to be behind the line.....

Is incredible how in the Country without laws people respect the yellow line! I think that it happpens because they feel that the metro belong to them, that is something that they paid and that they are still paying. The Subway is something that a lot of people in this place have never seen in their lives and that some of them maybe never would have seen ...

From my personal experience I can say that masive public transportation systems can make a change into a society, in Bogotá it was the same, with the Transmilenio, people learnt a lot of things and now Bogotá is a city with a better style of life :) . So, I hope that the Metro will teach to this people how is the progress.... and from this how things can change here.

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