Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Journey…

When I finished my internship I wanted to share with the people how was it, in order to convince them to take one, not for the money or for traveling… just to take a process of self-discovery. By chance I found this incredible video that describes exactly what I feel with my journey and I want to share with you :)

Each day my feeling of travel increase… my desire to know the beautiful places of this world are bigger and bigger… my sense of humanity, of learn, of discover the human being are more strong. Now I’m kind of “Stuck” in Bogotá, but each day that I am here is an opportunity to take the best decision :)

One of my dreams is to take a Journey trough South America, in order to discover where I am from :) The movie that I will show you next woke up in me that feeling of  discover my roots, my continent, my home. Hope that you will watch this movie and understand what means be a Latino :) full of  dreams, hopes and feelings, always proud of be what we are :D .

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