Saturday, January 31, 2009

There was a good time....

With this words last night a person that I met here some months before said me good bye.... Let me introduce him:

Mathias, the german guy who came to Dominican Republic and discovered a country of contrasts. He is one of the most funniest persons that I have met. With his smile and his charm personality he was always giving to me good energy to go ahead, to keep looking and also giving me ideas about traveling :P .

Last night we were drinkin and chilling, talking about trips done and how is the office since I left.... always joking about everything and just remembering how were the last months in this country....

That was the last time that I saw him in this place, and that was the reason because we were in the Colonial Zone last night. After living together for 3 months and working together for 4 we have to say good bye. If I will be in Europe I'm sure that I will have a place in Germany to go, and also if he will be in Colombia for sure he will have a place :) .

Why I'm telling this? because this is the first good bye that I said. People came and go, but the only important people is that one that has the capacity to remain in your heart, to give something to your life that you can keep forever.

This days here in this city will give me an opportunity to prepare myself to said good bye to this place and also to this incredible experience.

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Mathias said...

Ya tu sabes :D