Saturday, January 31, 2009

Only in Dominican Republic

Few minutes ago I saw that kind of things that only happens in this island. An Audi (a really expensive car) was turning left in the street close to home, in the dominican way (that means high speed when the traffic ligth was red), a normal car was going in its way and the Audi crash it! The result: the Audi crash a post and destroyed itself as it destroyed the front of the other car. This is normal in this "City without law" but the interesting thing of the story is who solve te problem: "La camiona".

La camiona is a car drived by the militaries that pick up all the illegal inmigrants (that here means Haitians) to bring them to their country. They call it "La camiona" because the Haitians cant say "El camiĆ³n" that is the correct word in spanish to call it. So this particular car came there and tried to solve the problem. This kind of things only happens in this country, or where you can see an Audi crashing with a normal car, breaking its front with a post and reciving help from a car full of militaries and haitians? Only in the Dominican Republic....

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