Monday, January 26, 2009

Made In Colombia

Is incredible how you living for several years in your country you never realize how big and incredible it could be. It happened to me, and I realized that when I was here, in Dominican Republic. I traveled a lot in this country, discovering that Dominicana is not only punta cana... (I have no been in Punta Cana Still), discovering how beautiful it could be.

After thinking a lot I decided to come back to Colombia, there is a lot of opportunities abroad... but a lot of them are the same thing that I was doing here, anothers are just unreachable for me (because my passport) , anothers are crap... so the most clear opportunity that I see now is working again in Colombia, but with a different view.... with the travel view :)

I decided to save money and spend it traveling around Colombia, and maybe in some places around southamerica; and I want to share it with you :) I want to share this national trip. To do this I will write a blog about a Colombian discovering Colombia, called Made In Colombia. This will be my proposal for this year if nothing better appears in the next weeks....

Hope that you enjoy my Country in pics as I will do it in bus :)

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