Tuesday, December 9, 2008

State Superposition... not in a Quantum Level

As we know, in the quantum level we can have objects with two or more measurables states at the same time. This is called Quantum Superposition, I know that is a very complex topic, just think in the Schrödinger's cat, that thought experiment, Gedankenexperiment in german, that creates a cat that is alive and dead at the same time, really strange :P

Why am I talking about this? because today I feel in a Superposition of states.... All the things that I have been telling to you are happening at the same time: Christmas, far from home, loneliness, life decisions, friends, future.... all of this makes me feel a lot of things, creating a superposition of feelings :P . Now I'm quite happy, because I did the task that my boss gave me. During the lunch I will think that I have a lot of stuff to do, so I will lunch fast and come back, quite stressed. After that I will feel tired, because last night I only slept 3 Hours, so I will leave the office and have a meeting with the people of my freelance job :) . I hope that we will sign the contract so I will have the money to buy my Christmas gift!

From black to white.... that's are my days..... aahhh and taking into consideration another little huge thing! that there is a person that is challenging me the most during this last days.... that's another heavy thing on my shoulders. At this point of my life, that was supposed to be quiet, are more difficults, with a lot of things to do, some of them are good and I will enjoy doing them, others are not as good but them have to be done....

Hope that next days are going to be better... if no I will need someone that can Fix me... as the song says....

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