Saturday, December 6, 2008


Yesterday I was in the volunteers day planting trees, an incredible experience. Way back home I was thinking in what is the thing that I like the most of this place. Beaches? Maybe, but I have been in my life more beautiful beaches, like in Jhony Kay Island, close to San Andrés. Women? There are some of them that are beautiful, but not as beautiful and smart as the Colombians or also as my ex-girlfriends. Landscapes? Yep, this country has a lot beautiful landscapes, like in Pico Duarte, on the beaches, or when you go out of the city, you see a lot of forest, trees, mountains. But there is something more beautiful than that.....

The sky!!!! Is incredible! Every day, even if there are clouds, you can see a beautiful sky, maybe because the sea wind cleans blows up all the pollution, maybe because the island is in the caribbean, maybe because is just the very nice characteristic of this country. It doesn't matter what does this sky beautiful... for me is the most beautiful sky that I've ever seen. I will miss it when I will be in another place of this world. For me this sky brings to me peace, tranquility, a feeling of be here, be in this moment, but not be with all my problems, just being in this sky, like fly over it, without leave your sit :) .

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