Friday, December 12, 2008

La multi ani

Today is 12 of 12, a very particular date. Leaving behind that is the 12 of the month 12, or that is December, or that is Dominican Republic. All of this don't make sense if I don't be in this same time-space (regarding the relative theory :P) with a special person. Why is she special? because she had a special place in my life. Now she has an space in my life and in my heart, I don't know if I have it in her... I don't care, the important thing is what I feel and the good things that I have inside :)

Today I have the fortunate of being here (time-space), in her birthday!!! The first birthday that I share with her, and maybe the last...... Now I've that feeling in my mind and heart, so the only thing that I've to do in this special day is to celebrate.

Life is a game of inches... you have to take each opportunity that you have to be happy. So I will enjoy this day, I know that this is not going to make me happy, but maybe I can help in the happiness of her... and that's enough for me :)

Also, sometimes I think that I could have given more, that the things were in my hands, that maybe I could changed something, that maybe... I know that you can't change anything that happened before, but sometimes I feel that things could be different than now. But the now is now, the day after day that I live, so I've to learn to live with the life that I have now, and each day try to improve it.

This event is telling me that I'm living the last days in this place, that I'm living the last moments of this part of my life; I'm writing the last lines of this golden part of my book, and I want to have a "happy end", like in the magic tales :P .

Solo me queda por decir "FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS" o La Multi Ani, como mejor lo entiendan :P . Así suene cursi, doy gracias a Dios por haberme dado la oportunidad de compartir este día tan especial contigo, espero que lo imbécil o no que fui ese día haya hecho de el algo especial. Cada vez tendré menos momentos para estar cerca, así que espero aprovecharlos no siendo tan imbécil....

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