Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Good Persons

All this month I was missing something... the Christmas feeling... that spirit that makes me smile all the day... and yesterday, after having one of the worst days in this place, I had a sunrise in my life. I realize some things that I've been thinking for several weeks and after have strange feelings in my heart, that were annoying me, something blow up all that bad things and now my heart is quiet and kind of happy :) In a next post I will tell you what things I realized, now I want to tell you what is giving me this peace... After 23 days of December, I feel for the first time the Christmas feeling :) in this place.

How did I feel it? It wasn't the lights, the snow, the "novena" or the "natilla"... it was the people... not the people of this country... just people that are close to me and show me the good spirit of this season :)

But, who are this persons? Let me introduce to Joe, an English guy who spend his Christmas free money buying presents for the poor children of the north of the country. He is one of he most nice persons that I've met. He is kind of crazy (as you are if you're and AIESECer :P) but he has a very good heart. Yesterday I was in his home and he brought a lot of toys, like a real Santa, coming from the cold UK to the Caribbean giving presents :) .

The other guy that brought me this special feeling is my dear Alexandru. Now he is on his way to Bavaro, but last night he gave me one of the best presents that I've ever have. My first Moleskine :), for you to know Moleskine is the heir of the legendary notebooks, used by Europeans artists and thinkers for the past two centuries. And he gave me that and said me: "This is for your southamerican trip" and in the dedication he wrote "Because some trips needs to be written down" :) . Howcome you bring an special book, from the other side of the world to gift it in Christmas to a person that you didn't know? That things are done only by good people. With this gift I realize that the next year I have to be in, at least, 5 countries of this world, in order to write something in my Moleskine :) .

This two events in my life, gave me back this Christmas feeling, after 23 days of Christmas season :P . Today is going a very good day, I know that. This week began with a very bad day but now is getting better and better....

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