Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Feliz Año! Happy New year! Frohes neues Jahr! An nou fericit!

A new year's eve is coming and brings to me again all this feelings about the past and the future... All the years is the same for me, thinking about what this years brought to me and what are the things that I will keep in me in order to grow and enjoy more the next year :) . So this thoughts will show you what are this things that for me are the most important, and that I will keep in the deep of my heart :)
  • Going out home: This was the first thing that I did this year. I wanted it for a long time, I applied to work in Google, they didn't call me :( , so AIESEC sent me an email... and the story began :) . When I left home I was 22 in my ID and 19 in my head, I left home with a big smile in my face and tears in my eyes, with my heart beating like a drum and suitcase full of dreams and desires...
  • Living in other place with other people: As I told you, I used to live with and Hungarian, for a long time, after a Greek came and also a German... Live with this incredible people gave to me a lot of personal experience, only to give a name, all this different persons gave me something that helped me to grew up.
  • Cultural Shock: Cultural differences did on me a lot of things, say Hello to everybody (to show that nothing happens if you say it), smile, tolerance and patience...
  • Truly Colombian: Being far from your country makes that you love it more and more each day. Now Colombia means for me the place where I want to stay, where I want to have my family... I know that I will travel a lot, but my "Headquarter" will be my country :) . And also I always am telling to everybody all the beautiful things of Colombia :P .
  • Engineer: After 5 years of hard work I receive my Systems Engineer Degree, as my friends do. This mean for me that all the work that you did, all the things that you do in order to achieve your dreams will bring as result that: your dream. As a teacher told me several years before: "Celebra hoy porque el sabor de la victoria es mucho mas agradable que el amargo del sudor para conseguirla"
  • Simply her: I met a person some months before that change something in my life, for few months she brought me to the heaven, I lived incredible days with her... now things have changed a lot, but in me remains all that incredible days that show me how it feels when you are living a dream :)

The next year is just here, so let me wish you a Happy 2009, that all yours dreams and hopes will be realized and for sure 2009 will be better that this :)

Como se ve en la foto este 2008 se esta acabando, pero el fin no solo es tristeza, tambien muestra un nuevo horizonte, una nueva luz que llega y que irradiara nuestras vidas. 2009 sin duda sera un periodo increible en todas nuestras vidas... el amanecer esta alli no mas, solo necesitamos no dejarlo pasar :)

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