Thursday, December 18, 2008


In words of Raga: "Cultural differences will make you evolve...", and how it made me evolve during this year!

Living and working in Dominican Republic was one of the most important challenges of my life. A different culture with different ways to do the things. Each day was a challenge, take the "carrito publico", going to the "colmado", trying to underestand the "mi amol, klk, mardito calor", trying to not speak so much because they will recognize your accent and will ask you money... and also sweating a lot in this place....

All of this made on me a change, from the way I ask for something, now I'm more polite (in order to show that you don't loose anything for say thank you :) ), to the appreciation of the small things in life, like electricity or hot water (small things because in Colombia we have them always....). Maybe I didn't have this huge professional experience that I wanted, but at the personal level this was the experience of my life, discovering a lot of things that are in me and that now I can use in order to be a better world citizen :)

I want to share with you a part of our "MC invitation" video, where you can find what means evolution for us :) .

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