Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Engineer's year

One of the things that I will keep in my heart is that all of my dear friends became engineers!!! After 5 years of hard work, of learning, of share our lives.... we are engineers!! I know that there is one person that is still fighting for it, but I'm sure that she will do it, is just the end of the road that she needs to travel :) .

This is one of this things that changes your life, when you see that all your efforts makes sense, that all the time that you invest in your dreams makes them true :) After this achievement there are more complex responsibilities, life out of the U is not as simple as we thought, the road to travel is long, now is not a 5 years road... is a life road! I'm sure that I will meet again all this incredible persons somewhere in the future, I don't know when, but between us remains that "mystical" link that never will let to loose the contact :P

So, more than things learned, this is part of that things achieved in this year, that is the most incredible year in my life, for sure ;)

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