Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The most used application now!

Now I'm deciding where I will go the next year. There are some options, and I'm waiting for some answers. Something is true, I'm not going back to Colombia. Why? because I feel that I've to know the world, or at least my continent :P, before come back home. That's the reason because the most used application now for me is Google Earth :P

All the days I'm visiting, from the sky, the posibles cities that I can visit the next year. I'm dreaming, thinking in what is going to happen next year, be excited looking forward, but also looking backward. Regarding all the things that I've lived here, knowing what I want to do, not knowing the steps that I've to follow, just following the light at the end. And Google Earth is giving to me the ideas of how will be it.

As a IT person I can say that google provide one of the best Internet Based applications. I love it, I love all the things that google can give to me and help me in all the things of my life (work, friends, telecommunications, etc). And I'm enjoying this in particular more than the others. The decision is taken, I only need to follow my dreams, become them true and live them.! I'm not sure what will be my next place in this wolrd, but I'm sure that will be another incredible experience. :D


Jorge A. said...

Yes , My friend That's true, I think exactly the same.

Javier said...

Don Jorge! Can you believe that this is the first comment on my blog? Just look forward, maybe next year we can work together! Greeting from Dominican Republic