Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Living in the United Nations :)

Some time before I discovered that the friends of my roomates call my home "United Nations", why? because we were living there 4 people from different nationality. Until today we were Greece, Hungary, Germany and Colombia. Today one of us left the flat, grecolandia found that his way is not longer more in this country.

I think that this is the begining of the end. Now I can count the days... less than 80... after 10 months of life.....

Living in the United Nations gave me a lot of things, tolerance, patience, auto control, take care of me in all senses, understanding that people are different and no matter how many times you try to teach them the "correct way", they will always do in their way, gave me the way of how I want to live.... This mini United Nations just teached me a lot of things that I needed in my life, now I'm different because of that.

I want to finish this post with this nice picture, that the last member of United Nations took. In this picture are people from UK, Rumania, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Greece, and of course Colombia! 6 nationalities under the same roof, who can do this, its simple, AIESEC.

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