Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Living in another era

Working in the same office, with people that has more less idea about IT and that in average has the same age as me I discover something.... I don't belong to this era, or maybe to this part of the world :P. All day they are talking about the same American Stupid Series (ASS, jjajajajajaja this could be the acronym...). How you can spend 4 or more hours of your day watching that ASS that is not giving anything to you? It's incredible, a guy that is more than 30 years spend the nights watching this ASS and playing video games, and he has a family and a job.... why he doesn't spend time with his children, enjoying their childhood, giving them that "special time" that will be so appreciated in the future?

I think that it happens for two reasons. First one is because they are like children, they don't matured... The second reason is because this is one of the bastards sons of USA. In this country every smells like USA, they wanted to create an American Dream, so in each street you can find people talking about baseball, a KFC, a MacDonals, a Burguer King... and in this office everybody talking about this ASS. They are living their "American Dream!", just to be prepared to go to USA, the dream of many people here. Maybe the mainly reason is a mix of this.

Being from Southamerica, where we are far from USA, we really enjoy our culture, I can demostrate that people that has cable watch more the national channels, as I did. Because watching your own reallity is 1000 times better than laugh with that stupid american jokes. Maybe they use this ASS to escape from their own reallity, thinking that life in USA are much better.

Being far from a TV for 10 months makes me realize something, that I'm only going to watch TV when something really interesting will be on air, like Discovery Channel, Natgeo or sports :P . Maybe movies and other fun stuff will be there but not all the time. The good thing is that I've less than 2 months here, so this crap conversations about ASS will be finished. I'm sorry for say this, but is the truth, I need more interesting conversations, about everything, but have a smart conversation with someone.

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