Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Life Cycles

In this just moment I discover something, I begin to close one of the cycles in my life. How I discovered that? Easy, doing something that put me here, in this part of the world, creating an email to invite people to join us, to join exchange ... to join AIESEC.

Why I'm here? because one year ago, exactly One year an one month ago (for that strange things in life today is 18 :P ) I recived an email, with a very interesting image, telling me that I can go to some place in the world to work, to have an incredible experience. So I applyed, and more than one year after I'm doing the same, inviting people to go in exchange.

Forrest Gump Mom Said: "You've got to put the past behind you before you can move on. " Maybe now I'm doing that, not leaving this experience behind, because this is the experience of my life, just I'm just giving the chance to others to live what I did. I'm giving to them the same idea that changed my life.

When I was more young :P I used to watch a program in Discovery Channel, that was called Connections, where a very funny old guy presented a story, and began to connect the characters, the places, the stories, and after one hour of connecting he returned to the begining of the path, the first story. So I'm doing the same, connecting my last story with the first, after ten months of living here.

It means that everything that this place can gave to me is enough. Now the countdown begins, I've choosen what I want, I want to work abroad again, no for the same reason of this trip, that was change my life, go out home and live something different (instead learning new things of my career); the reason now is that I need to learn a lot of new things that will help me in my professional life, and also to know the world :D

Another thing that gives me the security that I'm doing the correct thing, is my heart. Now it is beating like a drum, showing me the next step in my life. Follow your heart is the only truly way to be happy and success. This how you can be in your "pursuit of happiness", again this movie is appearing in this blog :P

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