Monday, November 10, 2008

Footprints in the sand

Yesterday I was in the most beautiful beach in this county, Bahía de las Aguilas. It's a hard way to go there, going by car after going by boat....

But seeing again the pictures, all the effort was worth it! Leaving behind the fact that we were close to the death in that hurry in the cars.... everything was OK. Now regarding the title of this post, I took a picture that in that moment gave me ideas and I want to share it with you:
What means the footprints in the sand for me? It means all the steps that I walked in my life, some of them are good memories, others no as good as I wanted, but all of them are my life, not only the sum of them. As you can see in the picture there are some footprints that are not as clear as the others, for me those are the ones that I want to forget, to leave behind and go further, like in the memory of the heart definition :) .

Only the deepest steps remains in the sand, that means that only the truly and deepest things that happened in life will stay there, like family, friends, studies, love.... all of them will stay in my life, in my heart, doesn't matter how huge is the wave or how strong is the sea, all the important footprints will stay there... forever...

Some times you can find another footprints close to yours, some times you will be alone, or some times you won't see your footprints, because someone could be carring you in his arms. Doesn't matter what happens, there will be always a footprints in the sand, and when you see behind, you will find your life in the sand :), so what means the footprint for you?

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