Monday, November 17, 2008

Every happens because a reason

I'm writing this post with tears in my eyes, the reason, happiness. Because of me? no. Because one of the most importants persons of my past. She was the first love in my live, the first closest friend, the first woman that was close to me and to my heart. Now she is a woman of success, working in one of the most imporant companies of IT in the world. Why she obtained that? The answer is easy: perseverance.

She is one of the smartest persons that I've met. I met her 5 years ago, we had a friendship for 4 years, we were so close friends, working together and sharing lifes together. Each one of us chose a different way in ours lifes, I decided to travel around the world, she decided stay and working in Colombia. Now I'm looking forward, looking for a job in other country, that gives me different things and new knowledge, because the next country has to be a non speaking spanish country. She is working in a multinational company, with an exelent salary and oportunities.

I'm so proud of was a friend of her. I know her a lot, and talking again with her I discover a different person, and it is incredible for me. All the things that happpened to her during this year did the things that are happening to her now. That's the reason of the title of this post. All the things happens because a reason. I will give you an example. We appplyed to a Master in our U, they rejected us! why? I don't know, but looking backward, this was the best that could happened to us. If we were approved, we were now in the Master, and no enjoying our lifes like now.

It's incredible how her life makes me regard a movie, "The pursuit of happyness". After a lot of work, problems and disappointments, she obtained what she wanted. I'm really happy for her, and I'm sure that she will have whatever she wants, as everybody, you only have to wish, you only have to smile and the world will smile with you.

Señorita Diana, muchas gracias por todo, de seguro vas a seguir así y vas a crecer mucho más. Me siento muy orgulloso de haber conocido a una persona como tu en la vida, a pesar que estamos muy distantes, siempre te tengo presente y espero que algún día podamos tomarnos una aromática (tu no tomas café :P). Un abrazo gigante!

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